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Yuvraj Singh Likes And Dislikes

You can read Yuvraj Singh Likes And Dislikes details. Yuvraj Singh born on 12 Dec 1981 in Chandigarh a well-known Indian cricketer, left handed batsman and all-rounder. Son of yograj Singh and shabnam Singh was not much interested in cricket and in his childhood and likes tennis and roller skating. He won the national u-14 roller skating championship but forced by his father to focus on cricket because his father was a Punjabi movie star and a former Indian cricketer who could not get success in his times and wants from his son to fulfill that wish. He has an extended list of girlfriends including his likes of Anusha Dandekar, Minisha Lamba, Karihma Kotak , Kim Sharma and Deepika Padukone

Yuvraj is the man who hit six sixes in an over. Who suffered from the disease seminoma which is a tumor found on the male reproductive organ but in his case it was located on the upper area between his lungs, above the heart.

Yuvraj Singh Likes And Dislikes

Yuvraj Singh likes and dislikes

He always likes that people must have awareness about cancer especially females. They should talk with others consult doctors without any hesitation. He doesn’t believe to be killed by the disease but in its place of it fights with the disease and get success. He likes to spent time with children go to their schools talk to him and likes to share his experience of fighting against cancer. He is not in favor of losing heart. He dislikes the people who loose heart and try to avoid the problems instead of facing them boldly.

He doesn’t want to talk on others personal life. He likes to ride on bike as he feels freedom in this way but according to him it is the difficult task as compare to play cricket. Yuvraj Singh likes to eat continental dishes but also don’t like to eat Chinese food. He dislikes wearing traditional dress.


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Yuvraj Singh Like and Dislike

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He wrote a book (test of my life): in which he shows two parts of his life. One is as a cricketer who fought in the playground and other as an individual who fought to his own sufferings. He dislikes wasting every single movement of life, so he always busies himself in different chores.

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Yuvraj Likes:

Yuvraj Singh Likes Pennies, roller skating in childhood.

Yuvraj Singh Likes Anusha Dandekar, Minisha Lamba, Karihma Kotak, Kim Sharma and Deppika and these all celebrities is her ex girlfriends.

Yuvraj Singh Likes six sibes in one over during cricket game.

Yuvraj Singh Likes likes share his experience against fighting with cancer.

Yuvraj Singh Likes children with fun who are suffering in cancer.

Yuvraj Singh Likes bikes rid.

Yuvraj Singh likes freedom.

Yuvraj Singh likes chiness food.

Yuvraj Singh likes book writing.

Yuvraj Singh likes his different achievements.

Yuvraj Dislikes:

Yuvraj Singh dislikes extra emotional people.

Yuvraj Singh dislikes lot of dram in his life.

Yuvraj Singh dislikes extra funky dressing.

Yuvraj Singh dislikes express personal like in front of media or other people.
Yuvraj Singh dislikes traditional dress.

He likes his achievements he likes to be known by others as he had been a member of Indian cricket team in ODIs 2000 and was vice captain of the same team in 2007-2008. He has been the top performer at ICC world twenty20. Whether he plays for India or for Punjab he just focused on the enjoyment on his game. He really likes to enjoy while playing. And now he starts supporting young entrepreneurs with funds by investing them for their start in various fields. He likes to help others as much as he can do.