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Tamanna Bhatia Likes And Dislikes

We are here for Tamanna Bhatia Likes And Dislikes details. Tamanna Bhatia a well-known name, she is a daughters of Santosh and Rajani Bhatia. Sister of Anand Bhatia born on 21 Dec 1989 in Mumbai knows four different languages like Hindi, English, Telugu and Tamil started her career in 2005 played a leading role in film “Chand SA Roshan Chehra” at the age of 13 years. Her upcoming movies are Vasuvum saravananum odda padichavanga, baahubali and Bengal tiger. Beautiful, attractive and hardworking girl tamanna known as Tamannaah with height 5.6 is a model and an actress as well. She likes to start her day with a glass of fresh vegetables juice. She likes to eat after every 2 hours. Her father is a role model for her as she likes him a lot as her ideal and loving personality. Tamanna Bhatia is a girl with plain and clean heart she doesn’t like dirty and impure nature especially she avoids from the people of wicked personality. Contrary to this she likes others innocence and honesty.

Tamanna Bhatia Likes And Dislikes

Tamanna Bhatia Likes And Dislikes

Smart and gorgeous lady is still single even she didn’t go on date with anyone just because of the reason that she likes to focus on her career rather than focusing on any such type of things. How motivated girl she is? That her goal is to become a big actress in South India. She used to appear in Telugu movies and Tamil cinema.

Tamanna bhatia Likes:

  • tamanna bhatia likes her father as a role model.
  • tamanna bhatia likes vegetable juice in morning
  • tamanna bhatia likes wedding relationship.


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  • tamanna bhatia likes work hard in for different achievements.
  • tamanna bhatia likes look herself as a top south Indian actress.
  • tamanna bhatia likes listing music.
  • tamanna bhatia likes films with romantic and emotional story.
  • tamanna bhatia likes dancing.

Tamanna Bhatia long hairsyle wih long hair length

Tamanna Bhatia Dislikes:

  • tamanna bhatia dislikes dating relationship.
  • tamanna bhatia dislikes dirty and bad nature in girls and boys.
  • tamanna bhatia dislikes star plus dramas.
  • tamanna bhatia dislike unique color like green and yellow colour.

Her hobby is to watching films, listening music, dancing and especially she likes book reading a lot. She likes classical music and old songs but she dislikes Pop and Rap Music. Opposite to this nature she can or she likes to sit for hours and hours without doing anything even without using mobile or without watching television. She dislikes watching traditional dramas on TV. No doubt every color suits on her but the color which attracts her or her likes these are blue and red but she dislikes yellow and green.

Tamanna Bhatia Likes and dislike actor, color. hairsyle , dress

Secret of her smartness is the yoga and aerobics which she did on daily basis and also takes healthy food. Tamanna Bhatia inspired by the Pretty Zinta and Madhuri Dixit and love Mahesh Babu, Hrithik Roshan as a good actors. She dislikes playing comedy role as she likes to play serious role.

She doesn’t like to makes plans of her life for her career as she believes that whatever she plans didn’t work out. She really likes variety in her role in her characters at this stage of her life when she is totally focusing on her career. Tamanna Bhatia likes to do work as a team. In the films she used to go for the quality of her character instead of anything. Tamanna offered for sale to the public jewellery with different designs on 31st march 2015 as a business named wite-n-gold.

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Thamanna batia is one of the multi talented south Indian heroin… favourite heroine….she has more attractive white skin girl

Tamannnaaaah Bhatia is an Awesome actress no words to say about her Acting n also having such a Excellent n exemplary charecter especially in the cine field yet she is in cine field but she has an awesome good charecter… I admiring her not only charecter she is a multi-talented girl… Actually Truely Tamannaaah is my role model in all things of my life… Salute for my Tamannnaaaah… Love you loads Tamannaaah You are always rockin….

Love you so much Tamannaaah always… In Devi film You are amazing .. You are not a re-born Star actually but the one who hav born to make a lot if Achievements not only in cine field but in All fields ??

I lv u Di I lv tamannaa Di she is just a multi talented actress she is my best n favorite actress.I lv her as my elder sister.

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