Sonam Kapoor Style Fashion Beauty Makeup Tips Skin Care Hair Secrets

Are you ready for Sonam Kapoor Style Fashion Beauty Makeup Tips Skin Care Hair Secrets 2020. No doubt that if we take the names of some of the fashionable Bollywood actresses then at the top of the list we have the name of famous Sonam Kapoor as well. Sonam Kapoor is truely taken up as a diva when it comes about the fashion style sense. The way she carries the makeup, outfits and take care of the skin simply give her the title to be the inspiration of so many other girls and women.’

Sonam Kapoor Style Fashion Beauty Makeup Tips Skin Care Hair Secrets

Sonam Kapoor Style Fashion Beauty Makeup Tips Skin Care Hair Secrets

Details About Sonam Kapoor Skin Care Routine:

  • Sonam Kapoor always makes the use of the sunscreen above SPF30, rain or shine.
  • She dont prefer using the skincare products that are added with maximum ingredients. Since the time of childhood her mother has always kept her away from the beauty products and skin care products.  At the time of being a kid she used milk as an astringent and sometimes besan and curd.
  • She stated that she always carry with her a Neutrogena sunscreen, a MAC lip balm, La Mer’s Creme de la Mer face cream, Chanel and even some MAC cheek tints, and vitamins.
  • She said that she finds her day incomplete without a moisturizer and sunscreen. Alongside she even make the use of the concealer and a powder foundation.
  • Before going to bed she makes the use of an intense moisturiser and eye cream.
  • While attending some red carpet events she makes the use of red lipstick shade only as she thinks that this shade gives her confidence.
  • Dark smoky eyes with open hairs and pouty lips give you a sexy look.

Details About Sonam Kapoor Makeup Secrets:

                         Sonam Kapoor unveiled the fact that she used the makeup products for the very first time when she was at the age of 18. The very first makeup item which she used was kohl pencil. On some non-working days she keeps her face all free from the makeup. She used make the use of mascara and a lip gloss on the lips for a hint of colour. She likes to use L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine 6H lip gloss and L’Oreal Color Riche lipstick in Red passion.

What To Know About Sonam Kapoor Fashion and Style Statement?

           The best thing about Sonam Kapoor fashion and style sense is that she always wears the clothes in which she thinks that she is greatly comfortable. If she is wearing some prom dresses for the events then she set with the matching heels and a well-styled ponytail hairdo. In the traditional outfits such as saris she makes herself attractive looking with the styling of the sleek hair and smokey eyes that simply made her looks like a diva. If she thinks that any sari is too much traditional then she prefers wearing it with a twist.

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Information About Sonam Kapoor Hair Care Routine:

  • In the hair care routine she takes healthy food items and cod liver oil capsules and use L’Oreal. For her this is the best hair treatment.
  • She makes the use of the almond oil hair oil.
  • She suggest the women to make the use of the conditioner and shampoo that suits their hairs.
  • For the dry hairs make the use of applying the leave-in conditioner to the ends.

Follow the makeup tips, beauty secrets and fashion style tips of Sonam Kapoor and get an appearance image just like this celebrity! All the best!