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Shriya Saran Workout Routine Diet Plan Gym Yoga Weight Loss Tips For Fitness

we are sharing shriya saran workout routine diet plan gym yoga weight loss tips for fitness details so must read it. Shriya saran is a beautiful actress, who has worked in Tamil, Hindi, Kanada, Malayalam, Telugu and English films. With beautiful smile and hypnotizing eyes we all remember her from Awarapan, where she acted alongside Emran Hshmi. Being associated with different languages, she is a well known name across the India. Men and women equally love her. For men she is an attractive figure and for women she is the ultimate goal, they would want to be. Why not? She is young, beautiful, and successful and has a perfect shape. Why not be like her? Or follow her routine?

Working day and night and keeping it in check, her fitness routine is hard enough but fruitful. Her diet is healthy. A direct quote from her states that she takes fresh orange juice daily and does not like the packed juices. She also avoids large intake of salts…it not only causes high blood pressure due to water retention, it may cause edema. She takes a lot of fresh water. According to her giving up salt was easy but she could not give up on sugar despite trying hard. Sweet is a regular part of her life.

Shriya Saran Workout Routine Diet Plan Gym Yoga Weight Loss Tips For Fitness


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She washes her face with rose water and consumes healthy diet including daal and vegetables. She stays far away from different kind of chemicals and uses baby soap and baby oil only. Coconut water is also a part of her daily routine.

Her daily routine does not end here… her work out is yoga. Like many other women she had fatty arms… but following two yoga disciplines power yoga and iyengar yoga it is not a problem for her anymore.


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Bloating is what forces belly to hang out, for that she makes sure to eat her dinner before 8 pm daily since eating late makes the stomach bloat. She regularly takes milk at night with her dinner and never skips it. Her healthy routine of taking dinner early and drinking milk has caused her lose three kilos of weight. Besides taking healthy diet and doing yoga, she spends at least 45 minutes in gym daily.

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Her favorite part times are swimming and dancing, a perfect way to keep your body perfect. Witnessing her groomed self we must say her healthy diet and yoga routine including gym workouts are a perfect way to keep oneself in perfect shape. If she can do it, so can you. After all she is the one who has worked with rajni kanth, following her routine it may become equally rewarding for us. if you want to comment on Shriya Saran Workout Routine Diet Plan Gym Yoga Weight Loss Tips For Fitness then below side comment box is ready for you.