Shameless Indian Actress VS Hollywood Actress Pictures Photos

Shameless Indian Actress VS Hollywood Actress Pictures Photos: Sometimes it do happen that most often the Bollywood actresses stepped new in the Bollywood acting field and with this limelight they become so involved and impressed that they start dreaming about becoming the part of this planet for eternal. But in this charm they start forget to notice around that how much damage and how much they will ruin their personality and image on the whole. There are so many Indian actresses and Hollywood actresses who have been put into the tagline of being the shameful ones. Check out the list given below:

Shameless Indian Actress VS Hollywood Actress Pictures Photos

Rakhi Sawant is poor acting with bad thinking

  1. Rakhi Sawant: Rakhi Sawant is one of the prominent known celebrities in the Indian cinema who has often worked in the Bollywood films with the minor roles. she is named up to be the queen of the item numbers in Bollywood. But at the same time she has been part of so many controversies and shameless activities that probably made her turn out to bold actresses in Bollywood.

Malika Sherawat cute but bold actress

  1. Malika Sherawat: On the second we have the name of Malika Sherwat who is considered to be the bold actress since the time she made her debut in the Bollywood film, Murder. She has often pose nude photoshoots for so many magazines and has even done some nude scenes in Hollywood films.

Sherlyn Chopra with poor acting skills

  1. Sherlyn Chopra: On the third spot, we have the actress Sherlyn Chopra who has made herself quite bold and open in appearance many times. She has been all the time witnessed to be posing in nude shoots for so many magazines.

List of Hollywood Shamless Actresses:

               Now let’s give a look over the shameless Hollywood actresses:

Jennifer Connelly shameless

  1. Jennifer Connelly:

Jennifer Connelly is known out to be one of those Hollywood actresses who didn’t appear in one film that is not set with the bold scenes. She did some simple roles in the start of the career but then simply broke the myth with her bold sensual scenes in the movies like Waking the Dead, Of Love and Shadows, The Hot Spot, The Abbotts and so many more.

Anne Hathaway shameless

  1. Anne Hathaway:

This actress of Hollywood ruled over the hearts with his amazing appearance in the role of Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Fans still remember her for her bold and nude scenes in so many movies like Brokeback Mountain, as well as Havoc, Love and Other Drugs.

Dakota Johnson shameless

  1. Dakota Johnson:

After appearing in so many nude and bold scenes in Hollywood film, Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson has given her name with the tagline of being bold and shameless. She has been open as nude in so many scenes of the film.