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Shahid Kapoor Date Of Birth Time Birthplace Day

We are sharing Shahid Kapoor Date Of Birth Time Birthplace Day so read this and other interesting details that is collected through different sources. Shahid Kapoor  is 34 year old Bollywood film actor who is received Flmfare Awards two times and his name is four time nominated in filmfare award. Shahid Kapoor parents are very popular celebrities, his father name I Pankaj Kapur and mother name is Neelima Azeem. here we wnt to mention when Shahid Kapoor is only 3 years old his parents was got divorce but Shahid Kapoor relationship is still good with step mother and father. According to our research Shahid Kapoor sign every film and commercial after father permission because his father Pankaj Kapur is most popular and real time celebrity in Indian film and drama industry.  now in below side get details of Shahid Kapoor Date Of Birth Time Birthplace Day.

Shahid Kapoor Date Of Birth Time Birthplace Day 

Shahid Kapoor 34th bIRTHDAY PICTURES 2015

Shahid Kapoor Date Of Birth Time Birthplace Day:

Shahid Kapoor Date Of Birth:                                      25th of February 1981

Shahid Kapoor Date Of Birth Time:                           5:34 pm  (according to his date of birth certificate)

Shahid Kapoor  Birth day:                                             Wednesday

Shahid Kapoor Father Name:                                      Pankal Kapur

Shahid Kapoor Mother Name:                                   Neelima Azeem

Shahid Kapoor Age:                                                        34

Marriage Status:                                                               Un-married

Shahid Kapoor Career Start:                                        2003

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Shahid Kapoor Step Mother Name:                         Supriya Pathak

Shahid Kapoor Grandfather Name:                          Khwaja Ahmed Abbas

Shahid Kapoor Brand Ambassador:                          Dulex Paint

Shahid Kapoor Girl Friends:                         Kareena Kapoor, Sania Mirza, Pryanka chopra, Mira Rajput

Shahid Kapoor Date Of Birth Time Birthplace Day

After Shahid Kapoor Date Of Birth Time Birthplace Day we are sharing one interesting fact that is related with Shahid Kapoor personal like. last few days ago Shahid Kapoor’s manager filed one complain report in police station on the instruction of Shahid Kapoor . in that complain report Shahid Kapoor is mention one girl is giving threat since last 3 month and she wants to spend time with me. Well this is so interesting things that is covered by only few media channel. if you want to get Shahid Kapoor body measurements details then visit this website main home page.