Salman Khan Unlucky VS Shahrukh Khan Family Life

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are the two biggest stars of the Bollywood.( Salman Khan Unlucky VS Shahrukh Khan Family Life) It would not be wrong to say that the huge success of the Bollywood has been just made possible because of the emerging hit films of these two Bollywood Khans. They might look happy and contended in front of the cameras for their fans but no one knows what is happening behind their personal life. Fans of Salman Khan and Shahurkh Khan are always comparing the personal lives of their two stars in order to know that whom is the lucky one in their own personal life standards. Let’s have a short review comparison of their life standards.

Salman Khan Unlucky VS Shahrukh Khan Family Life

Salman Khan Unlucky VS Shahrukh Khan Family Life

Family Tree Life of Salman Khan:

            Salman Khan was born and brought up in the place of complete family film background. He is the son of legendary Bollywood screen play writer Salim Khan who was the screenplay writer of the film Sholay. Salman Khan is the elder of the four brothers namely Sohail Khan and Arbaz Khan who are also prominent names of the Bollywood. He has one sister, Arpita who is adopted. Famous Bollywood actress Helen is his step mother.

Shahrukh Khan family tree

Family Tree Life of Shahrukh Khan:

                On the next we have the name of Shahrukh Khan who belong to the non family film background. He do not have any one of the sibling that is linked with the film entertainment world. He is married with Gauri Khan and has three kids with the happily married life.

Salman Khan Unlucky VS Shahrukh Khan Family Life

Talk About Salman Khan Unlucky VS Shahrukh Khan Family Life:

            There are so many reasons as after which the fans of Salman Khan are considering his life to be unlucky as in comparison with the Shahrukh Khan. Let’s see which are those main reasons:

  • Since the time of start of the career, Salman Khan has been into so many troubles of the court cases and controversies. He has been put into jail for some time that definitely bring about some effect in his image as well. Nothing of such kind happened with Shahrukh Khan.
  • Actor Salman Khan has been into dating relation with so many Bollywood actresses in which Aishwarya Rai is on top of the list. Shahrukh Khan was married since the time he entered in Bollywood and eventually he never trap himself into any sort of dating relationships or rumors.
  • Salman Khan is at the age of 45 and he is still not married. Shahrukh Khan is married and is the father of three kids. He is happily married in his life.

Salman Khan has been always said out to be unlucky in love and this is true to some extent. Do you really think these reasons are valid enough to say that Salman Khan is unlucky as compare to Shahrukh Khan family life?