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Ranbir Kapoor Favourite Things Food Colour Perfume Book Movies Footballer

“The angry man of Rock star, Ranbir kapoor” His debut film sawariya could not do good on box office but he won awards for best debutant that year. Later on he proved it several times with his performances that he deserved it. We all remember Ranbir kapoor as Murphy from burfi and the rock star of the rock star. In his upcoming film this kapoor boy is playing a gangster of 1980’s Bombay johny bilraj. The film bombey velvet features karan johar and Anushka Sharma in pivotal roles. While we wait for his upcoming film here is a roundup of the Ranbir kapoor’s favorites since he is the favorite subject of the young girl’s conversations right now.

Ranbir Kapoor Favourite Things Food Colour Perfume Book Movies Footballer

Ranbir Kapoor Favourite Things Food Colour Perfume Book Movies Footballer

He looks good in every color undoubtedly but his favorite colors are red, black and white. He loves to wear red shirts often. Like his father he eats it all but his favorite food is Jungli mutton curry. Besides Katrina kaif , his girlfriend he loves madhuri dixit and kajol as an actress. Infect he has worked with madhuri in a film previously as well. His favorite sports are foot ball infect he is member of the foot ball club Barcelona. Al pacino and Amitabh bachan are his favorite actors. He is quite fond of reading. On sets he is often reported as reading a book in his free time.

Ranbir Kapoor Favourite Things:

  • Ranbir Kapoor Favourite colour is red, Black, White
  • Ranbir Kapoor Favourite shirt color is red.
  • Ranbir Kapoor Favourite dress T.Shirt and Jeans.
  • Ranbir Kapoor Favourite food is Jungli Mutton Curry.
  • Ranbir Kapoor Favourite actress is Kajol, Maduri Dixit.

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  • Ranbir Kapoor Favourite sprot is football.
  • Ranbir Kapoor Favourite actor is Amitabh Bachan.
  • Ranbir Kapoor Favourite hobbies are reading.


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Ranbir Kapoor Favorite Things

  • Ranbir Kapoor Favourite book name is Heavier than Heaven.
  • Ranbir Kapoor Favourite movies is life is beautiful and Aamir khan 3 idiots.
  • Ranbir Kapoor Favourite girl friend is Katrina Khaif.

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His favorite book is Heavier than heaven: a biography of curt Kurt cobain. His favourite movies include life is beautiful and 3 idiots. Like any other person he is also a fan of Amir Khan films. His birth date is September 28th and his zodiac sign is Libra. He currently resides in his own flat with girlfriend Katrina kaif. It is reported that he does not share a good bond with father rishi kapoor but he is closer to mom neetu kapoor. His dad recently tweeted about his film Bombay velvet and expressed his joy about the film. He is best friends with ayan mukher ji and imtiaz Ali. Infect he has a film in December with deepika padukone (ex girlfriend) directed bu imtiaz ali.  Let’s wait for his films and wish him best luck.