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Rajinikanth And Latha Wedding Photos Images Album Pictures

If you are looking for Latha and Rajnikanth wedding images then stop the search now! Here this post you will be all best able in getting closer with the whole life journey of Rajnikanth and Latha! But beginning with we will be discussing little about the Rajnikanth himself and then we will be moving at the wedding destination.

Rajinikanth And Latha Wedding Photos Images Album Pictures 

Rajinikanth And Latha Wedding Photos Images Album Pictures

Information About Rajnikanth:

                  Rajnikanth was born on 12th December 1950. He has been named as being the most wanted and reputable South Indian actor. At the time when he was a child he has put himself with the hard efforts for making the big name in the acting career.  In the year 1973 he moved into this acting profession all the way through the Madras Film Academy. He made up with his beginning from the debut from the film Aproova Raagangal in the year 1975 for which he was honored with the National Award. He made himself as being the most established actors inside the Tamil based films. He is taken as being one of the successful actors. He was so many times given away with the honorabl awards adding with four Best Actor Awards and two Special Awards for Best Actor and a Filmfare Best Tamil Actor Award.

All About Famous Rajinikanth and Latha Wedding Photos Images Album Pictures:

                             Rajinikanth married Latha Rangachari on 26 February in the year 1981. He got married at the age of 31 years. He was married in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. It is to be stated that Latha Rangachari had a Bangalore connection as her father was employed there. She was the student of Ethiraj College and hence she met Rajinikanth at the time when she went to interview him for the college magazine catalogue. This was the time when Rajnikanth proposed her for the marriage. She felt extreme shy at that point and after few months they got married.

Rajinikanth And Latha daughters

At the time of main wedding day Latha is wearing traditional red saree as the whole wedding ceremony took place in the South Indian tradition.  On other side Rajnikanth is wearing white color kurta and dhoti. They are looking extreme level of complementing and best as made in support of each other.

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