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Parveen Dusanj Husband Boyfriend Workout Family DOB Pictures

Parveen Dusanj Husband Boyfriend Workout Family DOB Pictures Photos images personal life information are interesting topic for these days. Do you want to know about Parveen Dusanj? How did she met Kabir Bedi? Why the couple did kept their relation as a secret? Well mostly the fans of Kabir Bedi has such type of questions stuck in their mind because the sudden news of Kabir Bedi wedding with Parveen Dusanj was surprising and even shocking for most of the people.

Parveen Dusanj Husband Boyfriend Workout Family DOB Pictures

Parveen Dusanj Husband Boyfriend Workout Family DOB Pictures

Who is Parveen Dusanj?

                 Parveen Dusanj was born on 18th September 1975 at the place of United Kingdom. By profession she has been associated with the fields of being a television producer, Columnist and even as a Social Butterfly,  and activist.

How Kabir Bedi and Parveen Dusanj Met Each Other?

              Kabir Bedi met Parveen Dusanj for the very first in the place of United Kingdom. The relation started with the friendship and ended up with the love relation. 5 years back Kabir Bedi proposed Parveen Dusanj and since that time they have been together in a living relationship. Both of them decided together to keep their relationship as a secret and much away from the media and will going to disclose it at the right perfect time. And that perfect time was the 70th birthday of Kabir Bedi! It is to be mentioned that this is the third marriage of Kabir Bedi as he married twice times before it with Nikki Bedi and Protima Bedi. He has three kids named as Pooja Bedi, Siddharth Bedi and Adam Bedi.

Inside Story of Kabir Bedi and Parveen Dusanj Marriage:

                         70 years old Kabir Bedi and 41 years old Parveen Dusanj tie up the knot of wedding on 15th January 2016. The wedding ceremony was traditionally held up in the private gathering at the place of Alibaug.  It was preceded by blessings at the gurdwara.  This wedding was a surprise from the wedding couple to all the invited friends and family mates who were not aware from the wedding of Kabir Bedi and just fly all the way from the world to attend Kabir Bedi birthday party.

Details About Parveen Dusanj Workout Plan:

                              Parveen Dusanj is an energetic women with the height of 5 feet 4 inches. She is 41 years old and has maintain her body shape in the perfect and youthful way. She is not fond of attending the gym and hard exercises much. She just carry out the swimming and cycling on daily basis. If she finds it necassary to lose some weight then she attend the gym thrice times in one week in which she put herself in the weight lifting exercises. She practise yoga regularly.