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Gauri Khan Favourite Things Food Actor Color Perfume Place

Here we here for Gauri Khan Favourite Things Food Actor Color Perfume Place interesting details. Gauri Khan is a charismatic Indian icon who is an Indian film producer, an interior decorator and also a costume designer. She is the co-founder of the film production and distribution company “Red Chillies Entertainment. She has produced the Bollywood movies like “Main Hoon Na” and “Paheli”, starring Shah Rukh Khan in main lead. She attended the 66th Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles along with her husband and director Karan Johar. Being keenly interested in arts,she initially pursued interior design as a leisure pursuit , but later she ventured into interior designing in partnership with Hrithik Roshan’s wife Sussanne to design exceptional interior projects as a team. After launching her store Design Cell and doing a collaborative villa project, Naira, with her bestie Sussanne, Gauri is now working with an interior and design group known as First Ferry Group. She is soon going to embark on the journey to initiate the Gauri Khan accessories and furniture and she will also be involved in accomplishing various endeavors and schemes including the set up, interior décor and design and furnishings of restaurants, spas and any other architectural places.

Gauri Khan Favourite Things Food Actor Color Perfume Place

Gauri Khan Favourite Things Food Actor Color Perfume Place


Gauri Khan Favourite Color:

Black and White

Gauri Khan Favourite Perfume:

Black Opium

Gauri Khan Favourite Actor:


Gauri Khan Favourite singer:

Justin Bieber


Gauri Khan Age Difference

Gauri Khan Boyfriend Love story Dating

Gauri Khan Body Measurements

Gauri Khan Favorite Things

Gauri Khan Favourite Actress:

Maduri madhuri dixit

Gauri Khan Favourite Hobbies:

spend time with her kids

Gauri Khan Favourite Car:

ferrari 458

Gauri Khan Favourite Place:

UK and Goa

Gauri Khan Favourite Fiends:

Farah Khan

Gauri Khan Favourite dressing:

Jeans and T. Shirt

Gauri Khan Favourite hairstyle:

long layered hairstyle

Gauri Khan Favourite topic:

fashion and style

Gauri Khan Favourite life movement:

her marriage life

Gauri Khan Favourite politician:

she is not express any politician view

Gauri Khan Favourite director:

Karan Johar

Gauri Khan Favourite profession:

Interior design

Gauri Khan Favourite Things intereting facts relationship

The ingenious entrepreneur and spouse of a Bollywood celeb Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan, declares that her individual style is more inclined towards saris than western gowns. Joseph’s chic wrap dresses and ‘Dolce and Gabbana’s attires and accessories are what she finds pretty much enchanting just because of their immense feminine sensuality to the clothing. While she indulges her love for shoes, especially boots – her wardrobe is stacked with patent YSL pumps, embellished Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks . She loves Bottega Veneta’s classic oversized bags but the rest are like uniform. Everyone carries them.

She possesses her own flawless fashion and feel. She doesn’t like to take herself too seriously and always have fun with fashion. Such a shopaholic she is ! From high to low fashion and from classic to modern, Gauri aims on carrying a very individual style.

Gauri Khan life bio

Let’s talk about her other favourites. When it comes to her cooking practice, she seldom prepare meals at home, unlike the eastern clichéd housewives of the sub-continent, which is why she likes trying yummy dishes made by others. She particularly likes to savour Priyanka’s sumptuous chocolate cakes and mouth-watering mousses.

The glitz and glamour of the Indian Film Industry has never appeared so fascinating to her. Although she has a close association with Boolywood but she has never desired to become an actress.She did design ensembles for Shah Rukh for his film, Darr and a few of his other films, but soon she lost interest.

We can also spot some striking philanthropic traits in her personality as well.She is not only involved in ventures related to arts and designs but she is associated with many charitable organizations and according to her, Shah Rukh remains a real support for her.

She draws inspiration from her travels. Be it London, New York or Milan,she picks up little things that allow her to come up with something new. From those tiny little bistros to the lanes of a small town, anything charming moves her. She is of the view that it is an extremely satisfying experience to get inspired by local art and lifestyle of a foreign place.

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