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Freida Pinto Favourite Perfume Food Color Actor Music Hobbies Place Book Designer

Here we are sharing Freida Pinto Favourite Perfume Food Color Actor Music Hobbies Place Book Designer details. Freida Selena Pinto is an Indian actress and model, also known as the nick name of “Fro”. She has a gorgeous sexy personality and gotten fame with her first movie Slumdog Millionaire in 2008. She has an educated background because her father is a banker and mother is a principal of school. She has done her graduation in English Literature.  She tends towards modeling and then acting due to her sister who is a producer with an Indian news channel. She is very talented girl; she knows classical dance, salsa and belly dance. She seems hot and sexy but in reality she is very shy. She says in an interview that her biggest weakness is to lose often her self-confidence. She has a brand conscious but she doesn’t neglect traditional beauty enhancement ways. She gets hot coconut oil massage at home by her mother. She uses homemade mask for her skin. She does not like so much social activities like late night parties etc. she wants to spend quality of time with her family and friends. According to her entire world is so beautiful but India is the best place for holidays destination.

Freida Pinto Favourite Perfume Food Color Actor Music Hobbies Place Book Designer

Freida Pinto Favourite Perfume Food Color Actor Music Hobbies Place Book Designer

  • Name                                                                                                    Freida Pinto
  • Freida Pinto Birth Day:                                                                   18th of October 1984
  • Freida Pinto Profession:                                                                  Actress, Model
  • Career Start:                                                                                      2005
  • Freida Pinto Family Background:                                               Mangalorean Catholic

Freida Pinto favourite perfume food color actor music hobbies place book designer etc. are given following;

Freida Pinto Favourite Perfume:

Jo Malone wild fig & cassis cologne, Coco Chanel

Freida Pinto Favourite Food:

Healthy food to maintain her weight and for fresh skin like she mostly uses veggies and vegetable juices like beat root, cucumber, coriander and carrot etc.  Grilled tomato, baked potato, grilled fish, vegetable soup

Freida Pinto Favourite Dishes:

Spaghettis, frutti di mari, arabiatta


Freida Pinto Boyfriend

Freida Pinto Workout

Freida Pinto Height Age

Freida Pinto Yoga 

Freida Pinto Date of Birth

Freida Pinto Wedding

Freida Pinto Favourite Breakfast:

Hard boiled eggs, omelet, fresh juices and oatmeal.

Freida Pinto says No for:

Soft drinks, coffee, tea, chicken, red meat

Freida Pinto Favourite things

Freida Pinto Favourite workout:

90 minutes yoga daily, Pilates, cardio, stretching, swimming

Freida Pinto Favourite Beauty Products:

L’Oreal professional Absolut repair shampoo and conditioner, L’Oreal Paris volume million lashes mascara, Aloe Vera and oatmeal body lotion etc. but she likes L’Oreal products e.g. nail color, lipsticks etc.

Freida Pinto Favourite Homemade Beauty Secrets:

Coconut hot oil massage on scalp, hair wash minimum thrice a week, less use of blow dry, yogurt massage on face to remove dryness, face wash 3-4 times in a day, lukewarm water minimum three glass daily early in the morning with empty stomach, 8 hours complete sleep at night daily, avoid junk food, use plenty of water for fitness and fresh skin

Freida Pinto Favourite Color:

Orange, green, pink but bright colors

Freida Pinto Favourite Designer:

Varun Bahl, Ferragamo & a tailor

Freida Pinto Favourite Actor:

Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson

Freida Pinto Favourite Actress:

Nicole Kidman, Marilyn Monroe, Alia Bhatt

Freida Pinto Favourite Hobbies:

Watching movies, listening music on YouTube and iTunes, play tennis, reading books, salsa, and dance

Freida Pinto Favourite Jewelry:

Sliver from Jaipur, diamond

Freida Pinto Favourite Place:

India, its North West parts, Kashmir especially for holidays

Freida Pinto Favourite Bags:

Lady Dior, Chanel’s Bandana Bags

Freida Pinto Favourite Book:

Herry Potter Novel

Freida Pinto kissig wih actress

Freida Pinto’s fans are much more interested to know about her favourite star so we have already described all relating information regarding her likes and dislikes. But the most amazing thing is that she looks glamorous but nature wise she is so humble, down to earth and simple. She likes simple pin up hair style, kajal. She mostly avoid full make up. She removes her make up at once after any shoot. She must do cleansing before sleep at night. She always prefers a healthy life style, so she eats light and healthy and does exercise daily for her fitness. She was formerly in a relationship with Rohan Antao since 2003 to 2007. After that she got engaged with him in 2007 and ended in 2009. She wishes to do quality work rather than quantity. Therefore she has been highly paid whatever she done either modeling or acting.