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Freida Pinto Date Of Birth Time Day Place

We are sharing Freida Pinto Date of Birth Time Day Place By scrolling down with this post you will be able to learn in detail all in view with the Freida Pinto date of birth all with the facts about her horoscope. But beginning with we would like to talk little about this actress and her professional career.She took birth on 18th October 1984. As talking about the professional career she is counted in the list of the well known and yet the renowned actresses plus models. As being the model she has highlighted herself many times in the magazine cover pages and advertisements. On other side in her acting career she made herself quite famous and demanding with the superb acting skills in the film Slumdog Millionaire that came in the year 2008. She is one of those actresses that have fill up with their name with the success and victory at a very young age.

Freida Pinto Date Of Birth Time Day Place

Freida Pinto Date Of Birth Time Day Place

Now below we will be mentioning the list that will make you learn about this actress zodiac signs:

  1. She was born on 18th October 1894 therefore in this view her moon sign is cancer.
  2. In the Nakshatra her sign is coming up with the name of Pashyami.
  3. In the western section she has the star sign of Libra.
  4. Libra is even entitled to be the star sign of this actress in the Indian category.


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The moment in time of her birth was 12:00:00. She was born in Mumbai, India. Her birth time zone is 5.5.

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Information About Feirda Pinto Zodiac Sign Date:

                                             If we highlight the story of this actress zodiac star sign then she has been all the time facing with the troubles with the financial situations that will stay with her till the end of the time. She will try hard to make the attempts but she will be just getting the fail results that will make her quite a lot annoyed. This annoying nature will effect badly over her career of acting with which she will face downfall for sometime. She will be facing difficulties with some health issues in the coming future years.

Freida Pinto was all rumored out to be in relation with Dev Mehta who was her co-star at the time of Slumdog Millionaire. But then she denied up all the rumors and considered them as baseless and fake. She has many times reveal out that she is very much inspired by the personality of Siddharth Mallaya. if you want to give your comment then below side you can do it because comment box is available all readers.