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Freida Pinto Boyfriend List Relationships And Interesting Facts

These days Freida Pinto boyfriend list relationships and interesting facts are very popular on internet even after her movie Slumdog Millionaire in 2008. The stunningly beautiful Indian model, actress and presenter are considered a pioneer actress and very high profile celebrity in show business. People were become curious after her released movie Slumdog Millionaire. After watching that movie people lost their heart all around the world for this gorgeous actress. So her fans are more interested in personal life of Freida Pinto. They would love to know about her relationships and other interesting facts.

Freida Pinto Boyfriend List Relationships And Interesting Facts

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  • Full Name:                                                          Freida Selena Pinto
  • Freida Pinto date of Birth:                            18th of October 1984
  • Freida Pinto Age:                                             20 years
  • Freida Pinto Profession:                                Actress, Model, Presenter
  • Freida Pinto career start:                              In 2005


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  • Freida Pinto Religion:                                     Mangalorean Catholic
  • Freida Pinto Bra Size:                                      32B
  • Freida Pinto Eye Color:                                  Black
  • Freida Pinto Hair Color:                                  Black
  • Freida Pinto Nationality:                               Indian
  • Freida Pinto Birth Place:                                Mumbai Maharashtra
  • Freida Pinto Hip Size:                                      34
  • Freida Pinto Body Measurements:           33-26-34
  • Freida Pinto Bra Cup Size:                             B

Freida Pinto Boyfriend List Relationships And Interesting Facts

It’s a basic right of privacy of anybody. Everyone has a right of freedom; no one should be done interference in anyone’s privacy. But film stars, players or other celebrities want to expose themselves for fame. It’s their need of stardom that people want to know about them. So it’s a not big deal in show business culture to get into relationships or break up. Like other celebrities Miss Pinto has been seeing with her boyfriends since her modeling career. So she was in a relationship with Dev Patel since 2008. But her relationship came into public in 2009. Dev Patel belongs to an Indian origin based family but born and bred into England in Harrow. The amazing thing is that he was only 21 years old and younger 6 years than Freida Pinto. They often seemed together even after movie or in awards ceremony.

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According to some authentic media sources, Freida and Dev has been living together in a rented property in Santa Monica which rent is so expensive approximately $1.5 million. She believes in love. She says without true love human being is just like a dead meat. She further tells in an interview that she realized her true feeling of love for Dev after meeting with him. She feels him as her soul mate. Before this relationship she had a boyfriend named as Rohan Antao since 2007. After Freida Pinto Boyfriend List Relationships And Interesting Facts details see different celebrities interesting pictures. She got engaged with him in January 2009.She was alleged by Rohn that she ended her engagement due to Dev Patel (her costar of slumdog millionaire. But on asking a question about marriage, she says she is not ready for this even after so many years of dating. Finally here I have disclosed freida pinto boyfriend list relationships and interesting facts.