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Emraan Hashmi Favourite Things Food Colour Actress Actor Hobbies Perfumer

Here we are sharing Emraan Hashmi Favourite Things Food Colour Actress Actor Hobbies Perfumer. The serial kisser of Bollywood” There was a time when Emran hashmi was considered the serial kisser of Bollywood. He was one of the few who did not shy from kissing their co stars on screen. People used to watch his films for that particularly scenes until recently, where he has re invented himself as a more serious actor. Now he not only kisses but also acts. His fan following is immense, not only in India but also in overseas he is loved by masses. Here are the few favorites of Emran hashmi. He started out as an assistant to vikram bhatt for the film raaz. His complete name is Emran Anwar Hashmi. His nickname is Emmi. Emran hashmi is quite lucky when it comes to the songs. His songs have always done great on chart busters, sometimes better than his films. He may be the only actor holding that record. Like many other celebs his favorite color is black, he is always wearing black be it a promotional event or a dinner date. Emran hashmi loves sushi. For sushi he will drive anywhere in the city even if it is the middle of night.

Emraan Hashmi Favourite Things Food Colour Actress Actor Hobbies Perfumer

  • Emraan Hashmi Favourite Things Food Colour Actress Actor Hobbies Perfumeremraan hashmi favourite color is black.
  • emraan hashmi favourite dress is black T-shirt.
  • emraan hashmi favourite time dinner time with family.
  • emraan hashmi favourite Food is Susi.
  • emraan hashmi favourite women is his wife Parveen Shahani.


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Emraan Hashmi Favorite things

  • emraan hashmi favourite boy is his son Ayaan.
  • emraan hashmi favourite book is not aailable but he likes history books.
  • emraan hashmi favourite Actor Sunjay Dutt.
  • emraan hashmi favourite Car Audi, BMW, Honda Civic
  • emraan hashmi favourite Perfume is Eternity.

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He is married to Parveen shahani and with her He has a son named ayaan hashmi who is only four years old and recently he is diagnosed of having first stage cancer. Emran hashmi’s debut film is called foot path.


Many do not know but this talented actor is related to the director Mahesh Bhatt and camp through his mother’s side who is their sister in law. The good family genes did not end at him; he has an equally charming sister named rehana hashmi. In free time Emran hashmi loves to read books and watches TV. Now he spends all of his free time with his son. This handsome actor has claimed that he was once mistreated due to his religion.

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He loves sunjay dutt as an actor and like many others has watched all of his films. Emraan hashmi own Audi -8, BMW and Honda civic and when it comes to gadgets he owns black berry. The love of many fans he is, his favorite perfume is Eternity by calvin klein. His recent release was Mr X. where he acted as a super hero who was invisible. His upcoming films are badtameez dil a much awaited film As wekk as humarI adhori kahani with vidiya balan.

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