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Divyanka Tripathi Wedding Photographs Pictures Images Album Photos

Through this page you can get Divyanka Tripathi Wedding Photographs Pictures Images Album Photos  . We all know Diviyanka tripathi aka ruhi’s mom from Yeh hain muhabtein. She is a perfect mom, the one who will not compromise at any cost when it comes to the well being of her children even if it means going to the court and fight with ruhi’s birth mother shagun. Looking at her passion for her daughter one cannot help but wonder that how great she will be to her own children. We know that diviyanka tripathi follows the script on her show but her goodness is not hidden from anybody. We can all assumes how good as mother she would be After all she took in her step daughter and loves her more than her father raman bhala who only causes trouble for ruhi and her Ishimaa.

Divyanka Tripathi Wedding Photographs Pictures Images Album Photos

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It is Ishi maa who sort things out and makes everything right for her lovely daughter ruhi. Diyanka tripathi or Ishima as ruhi calls her started her career from staron ki khoj a reality TV show. Later on she was casted in a show “ Banon men teri dulhan” alongside sharad malhotra. The show lasted for 3 years from 2006 to 2009. The leading couple started dating after the show ended.


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Divyanka Tripathi wedding

Divyanka Tripathi Wedding Photographs Pictures Images Album Photos

Apparently divyanka tripathi and sharad malhotra were in love and even a long distance relationship did not break their love for each other. Fans have seen them as divya and sagar and we must say they had beautiful wedding on their show. Divyanka tripathi as a bride looked beautiful. Infect on her recent show “ yeh hain muhabten” where she is portraying a gujrati character she had a mix Punjabi and gujrati wedding. And divyanka tripathi looked a beautiful bride in her gujrati attire. The wedding album she shares with karan patel and his daughter ruhi is full of a mixture of desi Punjabi and gujrati looks.

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They all look cute as a family. While on the topic divyanka tripathi recently broke up with her long time boyfriend sharad malhotra. Too much for the excitement for diviyanka tripathis’s wedding pictures but given the nature of this telly business we are sure she will find a handsome love soon enough and then we will not have to wait for ishi ma’s real life wedding. With beautiful big eyes and a perfect figure she will make an awesome bride and the one worth the wait. if you want to give your comment on Divyanka Tripathi Wedding Photographs Pictures Images Album Photos hen below side comment box is ready for your comments.

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