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Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Things Colour Food Hobbies Place Actor Song

Here we are sharing Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Things Colour Food Hobbies Place Actor Song details. Tamannah Bhatia is an Indian film actress and model. She was born on 21 December, 1989 daughter of Santosh Bhatia and Rajini Bhatia and having one elder brother named Anad. Her star sign is Sagittarius. Her nick name is Tammu. She started her acting career in 2005 with Hindi movie “Chand Sa Roshan Chehra.” The same year she acted in her first Telugu movie “Sri” in a lead role. She did her first Tamil film “Kedi” in 2007. She also works in TV ads some of which are Fanta, Chandrika Ayurvedic soap and Celkon Mobiles. She started acting when she was in school in the age of 13. She got filmfare award for her telugu romance movie 100% Love. She changed her name to Tamannaah Bhatia from Tamanna Bhatia. She knows different languages like English, Hindi, Telugu and Marathi. She has works in almost 30 movies including Bollywood, Telegu and Tamil. Her father is a diamond merchant and she has also invested in business of diamonds in March 2015. She launched her website named Tamannah is also creative head of her business brand .

Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Things Colour Food Hobbies Place Actor Song

Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Things Colour Food Hobbies Place Actor Song

Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Food:

Fried food

Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Breakfast:

Honey and Water

Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Color:


Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Dressing:

T.Shirt and Jeans

Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Hobbies:

Listing Music and gym workout

Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Place;

Her Birth Place

Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Fashion:

Indian Fashion style

Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Actor:

Mahesh Babu

Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Actress:

Preety Zinta

Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Movie:


Tamanna Bhatia Favourite City or Holiday Place:

Karalla and Goa


Tamanna Bhatia Workout

Tamanna Bhatia Wedding

Tamanna Bhatia Favorite Things

Tamanna Bhatia Likes and Dislike

Tamanna Bhatia Height

Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Song:

Nino main Sapna

Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Traditional Dress:

Indian Sari

Tamanna Bhatia interesting fact and ex boyfriend list

Tamannah’s hobbies are reading books, internet surfing and dancing. Dancing is her favorite hobby. Tamannah loves to eat everything but her favorite food is Punjabi. She loves fried food but she is also a figure conscious so she avoid to fulfill her cravings for fried food. She loves to eat yogurt daily. She believes that yogurt keeps her body cool enough to face the tough routine of her shootings. She drinks lots of fluids including water. She takes honey mixed lime juice in water early in the morning to keep her body and skin fresh. Tamannah also has sweet tooth. She loves to eat chocolate and ice cream but in moderate amounts. She likes soft drinks.

Tamannah’s favorite colors are white, blue and red. She loves to wear white color frocks and sarees. She says that I look more charming in white color. Her favorite dress is T-shirts and Traditional Indian dresses.

Tamannah’s favorite place is Mumbai. Like every person loves his birth place she also loves her city but for hangout she likes to go karalla and Goa. Her favorite actor is Mahesh Babu and her favorite actress is Preety Zinta.

After Tamanna Bhatia Favourite Things Colour Food Hobbies Place Actor Song you can see her different posts. Tamannah’s favorite song is from her movie Himmatwala “Naino Main Sapna” She likes this song because this is the remake of legendry actress Sri Devi’s song.

Star Sign

Trisha Kishnan Horoscope By Date Of Birth Star Sign

Do you want to know in detail about Trisha Krishnan horoscope by date of birth star sign? Well if yes then scroll down and catch the complete details that are all from the Trisha Krishnan star sign horoscope. Highlighting the name of Trisha Krishnan it is to be stated that she was born on 4th May 1983. She is professionally named up to be the leading and yet the well known Indian and South Indian actresses. She has even earned with the millions of hearts as being the model. She has featured herself in the Miss Madras beauty contest that became the hall mark for making the entry inside the film planet. She made the debut in the films in the year 1999 from the film Jodi. Then after working in the Tamil and Telugu films she made her way inside the Bollywood from. She appeared first in the film Khatta Meetha in the film 2010. For her acting skills and talented modelling efforts she has been honored many times with the awards. She is simply the best and superb actresses so far.

Trisha Kishnan Horoscope  By Date Of Birth Star Sign

Trisha Kishnan Horoscope By Date Of Birth Star Sign

All About Trisha Krishnan Star Sign Horoscope Story:

                               She was born on May 04, 1983. Her birth timings were 12:00:00. She took birth at the place of Chennai. In view with her star sign she is all found to be practical person in her life and is all equal capable for it. It is all witnessed to be tidy by the nature. In the future she will be finding with the great sum of chances to make better place in the career.


Trisha Krishnan Favorite things

Trisha Krishnan Workout

Trisha Krishnan Height In Feet

Trisha Krishnan Likes and Dislike

Trisha Krishnan Date of Birth

Trisha Krishnan Boyfriends

Trisha Krishnan Wedding

She is a very shy person and avoids getting into social circles. Plus in the star sign it is all evident that there are some desires that are burning in this actress and it is quite a lot evident from the way she has earned the fame in the profession.

Trisha Kishnan interesting fact and relationship

She has the ability to do everything and desires to do everything in this world. Plus her nature has great sum of nervousness too for which she is not able to open her abilities in the profession at the high scale. Lastly in the mental and physical stages she should put herself in the yoga to get the best mental and stress level. After Trisha Kishnan Horoscope By Date Of Birth Star Sign details you can read her different interesting posts. We hope that with this post you must have learned a lot about Trisha Krishnan star sign! Do you have the same star sign? if you want to give your comment on Trisha Kishnan Horoscope By Date Of Birth Star Sign then below comment box is available for you.

Date Of Birth

Freida Pinto Date Of Birth Time Day Place

We are sharing Freida Pinto Date of Birth Time Day Place By scrolling down with this post you will be able to learn in detail all in view with the Freida Pinto date of birth all with the facts about her horoscope. But beginning with we would like to talk little about this actress and her professional career.She took birth on 18th October 1984. As talking about the professional career she is counted in the list of the well known and yet the renowned actresses plus models. As being the model she has highlighted herself many times in the magazine cover pages and advertisements. On other side in her acting career she made herself quite famous and demanding with the superb acting skills in the film Slumdog Millionaire that came in the year 2008. She is one of those actresses that have fill up with their name with the success and victory at a very young age.

Freida Pinto Date Of Birth Time Day Place

Freida Pinto Date Of Birth Time Day Place

Now below we will be mentioning the list that will make you learn about this actress zodiac signs:

  1. She was born on 18th October 1894 therefore in this view her moon sign is cancer.
  2. In the Nakshatra her sign is coming up with the name of Pashyami.
  3. In the western section she has the star sign of Libra.
  4. Libra is even entitled to be the star sign of this actress in the Indian category.


Freida Pinto Favorite Things

Freida Pinto Boyfriend

Freida Pinto Workout Diet

Freida Pinto Height Weight Age

Freida Pinto Yoga

Freida Pinto Wedding

The moment in time of her birth was 12:00:00. She was born in Mumbai, India. Her birth time zone is 5.5.

Freida Pinto Date Of Birth pictures

Information About Feirda Pinto Zodiac Sign Date:

                                             If we highlight the story of this actress zodiac star sign then she has been all the time facing with the troubles with the financial situations that will stay with her till the end of the time. She will try hard to make the attempts but she will be just getting the fail results that will make her quite a lot annoyed. This annoying nature will effect badly over her career of acting with which she will face downfall for sometime. She will be facing difficulties with some health issues in the coming future years.

Freida Pinto was all rumored out to be in relation with Dev Mehta who was her co-star at the time of Slumdog Millionaire. But then she denied up all the rumors and considered them as baseless and fake. She has many times reveal out that she is very much inspired by the personality of Siddharth Mallaya. if you want to give your comment then below side you can do it because comment box is available all readers.

Favorite Things

Kareena Kapoor Things Favorite Perfume Actor Holiday Destination Lipstick Watch

Girls and boys through this page you can read Kareena Kapoor Things Favorite Perfume Actor Holiday Destination Lipstick  Watch details so must read all further information that is sharing after Deep research. Kareena Kapoor Khan, who speaks her mind and makes quite a lot of statements,. Due to these statements she is quite often in news and in cat fights as well but we all love her. She is loved equally by youngsters and elders. Her acting is praised now and often and her dressing style sets trends. We all remember the craze she set with her film jab we met. Following her avater from the film or more precisely geet’s avatar Markets were suddenly filled with skirts and kurtas and that embroidered handbag? Girls still use it. But how is this lovely actress in her real life? We wonder, well here is a scoop.

Married to nawab Saif ali khan, Mrs. khan is loved by her in laws and her husband’s children. She and saif are called “Saifenea” by their fans and they have been most popular celebrity couple since a few years by now. We know that her nick name is “BeBo” infect there is a song filmed on her in film “ Kambakht ishq” about her being bebo and happens to be huby saif ali khans favorite song as well.

Kareena Kapoor Things Favorite Perfume Actor Holiday Destination Lipstick Watch

Kareena Kapoor face beauty tips

Kareena Kapoor Favorite Nick name Bebo.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite Song Bebo from movie kambakht ishq.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite love red and black color.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite favourite Perfume is Jean Paul Guiltear .

Kareena Kapoor Favorite hobbies are traveling and listing music.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite Wrist watch is eco drive watches.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite lipstick in bright shade but she is not like red lipstick.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite workout routine is yoga.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite actor Salman Khan


Kareena Kapoor Height

Kareena Kapoor Body Measurements

Kareena Kapoor Wedding

Kareena Kapoor Beauty Tips

Kareena Kapoor Upcoming movie

Kareena Kapoor Birthday Age

Kareena Kapoor Workout Diet Plan

Kareena Kapoor Favorite Actress name is Helen.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite pet is cat.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite food is Indian food and she likes eat meat.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite holiday place is Goa and Canada.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite singer name is not find after deep research.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite playback musician is A.R.Rahman

Kareena Kapoor Favorite things are mention on above side.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite show is casual.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite dressing is also base on casual dressing.

Kareena Kapoor Favorite Perfume Actor Holiday Destination Lipstick Hangbangs Watch

Well, Bebo loves Red and black colors and she looks awesome wearing it. Her favorite perfume is Jean paul guiltear and she is a fan of Mercedes Benz s class. Kareena kapoor khan and husband saif ali khan love to take leave from work and travel around the world, but their favorite holiday destination is Switzerland. They are often spotted there by their fans and recently they spent their holidays with newlyweds soha ali khan and kunal khemu.Kareena kapoor khan is the brand ambassador of citizen eco drive watches and she is always spotted wearing one of these. She is a power when it comes to endorsements.

With her beautiful figure and awesome smile she can sell anything. The red color of lipstick has never looked better on anybody else; one wonders that it might be her favorite shade of lipstick. Her upcoming film is with actor salman khan named bajrangi bhaijan. Recently she did a cameo in “Gabbar is back” with akshay kumar. She has given us some memorable films like golmall series and we are family.Kareena kapoor does yoga regularly. Another interesting fact about Kareena kapoor khan is that although she does not know how to cook , she still cooks for siaf ali khan and dera hubby has to eat it.

Date Of Birth

Divyanka Tripathi Date Of Birth Place Time Day

Divyanka Tripathi Date of Birth Place Time Day details is available for all Divyanka fans. Divyanka Tripathi has been all named up to be the famous and yet the favorite actresses on the television planet that has earned with the great sum of fame in just the least time period of the career. You would be catching her currently at the play named as Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. She has even so far acted in many plays for which she has been honored with the reputable awards too. She has even appeared in many musical videos that made her quite a lot popular and demanding among the fans.Now we will be talking in detail about the Divyanka Tripathi star sign and birth place! She was born on the day of Friday on December 14, 1984. Her birth time was 12:00:00. She was born and bought up at the place of Bhopal. Her time zone of the birth time is 5.5.

Divyanka Tripathi Date Of Birth Place Time Day


Divyanka Tripathi Date Of Birth Place Time DayDivyanka Tripathi Date Of Birth Place Time Day

  • In the moon sign of the birth she has the zodiac of Leo.
  • In the section of Nakshatra she has the star sign of Magha.
  • In the western option her star sign is Sagittarius and in the Indian category she has the Scorpion star sign

Also See:

Divyanka Tripathi Favorite Things

Divyanka Tripathi Likes and Dislike

Divyanka Tripathi Relationships

Divyanka Tripathi Plastic Surgery

Divyanka Tripathi Husband Name

Divyanka Tripathi Body Measurements

Divyanka Tripathi Wedding

Let’s get into the detail about the Divyanka Tripathi story of the star sign! It has been unveiled that the place of the Muntha in the star sign is quite a lot favorable in attitude. She loves to enjoy the life and this is all the time found in her nature. She is passionate and hard working for whatever she does. She has high values and superior nature that made everyone to love her at the most. She will be a lot lucky in getting the life partner as he will love her at the best and will have the family life that will be filled with happiness and smiles. With the fact that she is passionate and hard working devoted this is quite evident from her career time. The way she smiles grabs the attention of each single person. She has impressive way of getting in conversation with the people that is one of the best traits in her star sign and so as the nature.

Divyanka Tripathi upcoming birthday pictures

after Divyanka Tripathi Date of Birth Place Time Day details if you want to get different details about Divyanka then visit this website main home page. Now leading up to the end here we will be pasting with the few images that is all in view with the captivating Divyanka Tripathi! Download the images now if she is one of your favorite actresses and she look beautiful in all the pictures.

Favorite Things

Alka Yagnik Favourite Things Songs Food Colour Music Director Perfume Horrible Designer

Have you been searching for Alka Yagnik Favourite Things Songs Food Colour Music Director Perfume Horrible Designer? Well if yes then just stop the search right now because here we will be discussing in detail about the Alka Yagnik all along with her favorite things. in below side get Alka Yagnik Favourite Things Songs Food Colour Music Director Perfume Horrible Designer details. She is all named up to be the most famous and top leading playback singers in Indian film industry. It would not be wrong to say that she has ruled over the film music world for so many years. She was the queen of music world and hence the first choice of all the music directors. For three decades she has the playback voice of all the actresses songs. She has the record of taking back home almost 35 Filmfare Awards as by means of the best playback singer. She has been honored with so many other awards as well.  In her so far career she has sang almost 2,482 Hindi songs in 1,114 films. She is classically trained in the singing and has even recorded with bhajans too. At the age of 6 she recorded with the first song in the year 1980 for the film Payal Ki Jhankaar.  In the year 1998 for the film Tehzaab she sang song “Ek Do Teen” for which she won so many awards.

Alka Yagnik Favourite Things Songs Food Colour Music Director Perfume Horrible Designer

Alka Yagnik Favourite Things Songs Food Colour Music Director Perfume Horrible Designer

She has the talent of singing songs in Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Marathi and so many more languages. She has worked with almost all the famous music directors and sand duet with many well known and big singers such as Abhijeet, Sonu Nigham, Nadeem Sharavan and many more. She is without the best and yet the talented singers so far in the Indian music planet. Now we will be putting light over Alka Yagnik favorite things! Scroll down and you will be getting the complete list of Alka Yagnik favorite things:

  1. Alka Yagnik Favourite Dress:                          Saree, shalwar kameez
  2. Alka Yagnik Favourite Songs:                          Ek Do Teen
  3. Alka Yagnik Favourite Food:                           Hyderabadi Biryani, Indian food
  4. Alka Yagnik  Favourite Colour:                       Black and Red
  5. Alka Yagnik Favourite Music Director:          Nusrat Faten Ali Khan
  6. Alka Yagnik Favourite hobbies:                        singing, dancing,
  7. Alka Yagnik Favourite Song:                           Kal HO Na HO
  8. Alka Yagnik Favourite music:                          pop and classic
  9. Alka Yagnik Favourite TV show:                    Dance India Dance and Indian Ideal
  10. Alka Yagnik Favourite shoe:                            long heel shoe
  11. Alka Yagnik favorite holiday palce:                 Goa
  12. Alka Yagnik Favourte actor:                            Salman and SRK
  13. Alka Yagnik Favourite Actress:                       Kareena
  14. Alka Yagnik Movie:                                           Dil Say

Alka Yagnik Favourite Things

In her so far career as being the singing she has gain with the maximum reputation. She even acted as the judge and mentors of so many music singing reality shows. These days she is judging “Sa Re Ga Ma Little Champs 2015”. So this was all about Alka Yagnik Favourite Things Songs Food Colour Music Director Perfume Horrible Designer! At the end we will be pasting with the few beautiful images all about Alka Yagnik! if you want to comment on Alka Yagnik Favourite Things then below side comment box is ready.

Favorite Things

Dia Mirza Favourite Things Perfume Food Book Colour Hobbies Designer Music Actor

Here Dia Mirza Favourite Things Perfume Food Book Colour Hobbies Designer Music Actor details are available in further information. Is Dia Mirza your favorite actress? Do you want to get details about Dia Mirza Favourite Things Perfume Food Book Colour Hobbies Designer Music Actor?  If yes then just scroll down and catch this post by the way of which you will be able to learn all in view about Dia Mirza favorite things. Dia Mirza with the real name as Dia Handrich was born on 9th December 1981. She is famously named up to be the well known and famous Indian actress plus model as well as producer. In the year 2000 she won the beauty title named as Miss Asia Pacific after which she made her way into the Bollywood. She has even made herself a lot famous by putting herself in the social work. She has put foundation of the production company by the name as “Born Free Entertainment” with the business partner Sahil Sangha. Under the name of this production house the first film was Love Breakups Zindagi.

Dia Mirza Favourite Things Perfume Food Book Colour Hobbies Designer Music Actor

Dia Mirza Favourite hairstyle holiday place color dress perfume

She gives her first appearance as being the actress from the film Rehnaa Ha Tere Dil Main.Then she appeared in Parineeta. She did many films in her career adding with Dum, Dus, Fight Club, Acid Factory, Paanch Adhyay and so on. From almost all the films she earned big fame and success. In favor of the acting skills she has been honored with the awards too. The best thing that made her to win millions of hearts was the way she speaks with the soft spoken and down to earth nature. She has always grab the attention with the beauty looks and traditional appearances in the events that simply make her as the inspiration for the women.


Dia Mirza Family Tree

Dia Mirza Plastic Surgery

Dia Mirza Height

Dia Mirza Wedding

Dia Mirza Weight Loss

All About Dia Mirza Favorite Things:

                       Now we will be talking all about Dia Mirza favorite things!

  1. Dia Mirza Favorite Hobby: Painting, Acting and Pottery
  2. Dia Mirza Favorite Color: White
  3. Dia Mirza Favorite Food: Italian, Hyderabadi Biryani
  4. Dia Mirza Favorite Book: Motorcycle Diaries , Secret Life of Bees
  5. Dia Mirza Favorite Music: Baby Doll by YSL
  6. Dia Mirza Favorite Actor: Tom Cruise
  7. Dia Mirza Favorite Actress: Aishwarya Rai
  8. Dia Mirza Favorite Film: Forest Gump
  9. Dia Mirza Favorite Music: Soft and romantic
  10. Dia Mirza Favorite Place: Mother’s Home
  11. Dia Mirza Favorite/ Inspirational Person: Mother


Dia Mirza Favourite Things Perfume Food Book Colour Hobbies Designer Music Actor

She is married with her business partner named as Sahil Sangha with whom she runs the production company. So this was all about Dia Mirza favorite things! In the end we will be sharing for the Dia Mirza fans as some beautiful images of this actress! after Dia Mirza Favourite Things Perfume Food Book Colour Hobbies Designer Music Actor details if you want to get different celebrities favourite things details then visit this website main home page.

Like and Dislike

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes And Dislikes

You will read Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes And Dislikes interesting details. An Indian music producer, singer and actor Singh was born on 15 March 1984 in a Sikh Family at Hoshiarpur Punjab. He is Hirdesh Singh by birth name but wants to be known as Yo Yo Honey Singh. Basically he belongs to a Sikh family.  From his childhood he has been learning music at the Trinity School in the United Kingdom. He is now a popular singer in Bollywood. He likes to sing in his own language and feels pleasant to sing in Punjabi as he feels proud to be a Punjabi. He started his career as a singer with the album international villager in 2011. He has been highly paid for his songs. He enjoyed to sing and did many concerts in different colleges. He started his career in acting with Mirza film. He married to shalini Singh who didn’t like his songs. She likes romantic songs rather than such type of songs. Except all this he likes and loves his wife from his childhood as they were good friends at that time but later come to realize that they are in love with each other.

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes And Dislikes

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes And Dislikes


Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes singing

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes Punjabi Songs

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes Punjabi People

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes Movies Mirza

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes Shalini Singh his wife.


Yo Yo Honey Singh Height Age

Yo Yo Honey Singh Wife Name

Yo Yo Honey Singh dislikes rumors.

Yo Yo Honey Singh Dislikes People Propaganda.

Yo Yo Honey Singh dislikes Vulgar song that is his black history.

Yo Yo Honey likes popularity.

Yo Yo Honey Singh dislikes business because his life is base on pure artist life.

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes spend time with parents.

Yo Yo Honey Singh likes hard working

Yo Yo Honey Singh likes his focus on youth songs.

Yo Yo Honey Singh dislikes Jealous people

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes things

He doesn’t like the rumors when people make propaganda about him that he sings vulgar songs. He likes to make himself popular among all the people. He likes to just focus on his career and his work because he is an artist and he doesn’t like when people use their artistic quality as a business. So according to him they should avoid doing this. He is very close to his parents and really likes to have such parents. He is a sharp observer or we can say that he is a keen observer and he likes this quality in him. He likes to do hard working and wants to get his aim. Naughty youth always attracts him in fact he likes them but doesn’t like when the same youth became a type of Devdas and involve their self in love at all. He likes to focus on youth. He doesn’t bother what the others say about him according to him every person jealous by a successful man. He likes to spend his life as a normal person and enjoyed grocery shopping a lot.

Now days, he was suffering from illness. People give best wishes to him to get well soon. He was working on the show as a judge named India’s raw star. Latest he makes two single songs.


Favorite Things

Priyanka Chopra Favourite Restaurant Parfume Food Colour Song Shoe Brand Cricketer

Popular actress Priyanka Chopra Favourite Restaurant Parfume Food Colour Song Shoe Brand Cricketer details available here. Piggy chops are what her fans called her and her real name is Priyanka chopra. One of the most talented actresses Bollywood has. It will be right to call her jack of all trades. Modeling, Acting, Singing, Directing and producing… she has done it all. Not to mention Priyanka chopra is the former miss world. Her family nick name is mimi or sometimes sunshine. Her career is not confined to Bollywood only; she has touched Hollywood as well and worked with big names like NFL. Her debut TV series Quantico will be aired this fall on ABC channel.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite Restaurant Parfume Food Colour Song Shoe Brand Cricketer

Priyanka Chopra Food Restaurant Parfum Food Colour Song Shoe Brand Cricketer

Priyanka Chopra Favourite things are modeling, acting and singing.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite life movement when she got Miss World title.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite Nick name is Mimi.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite hobbies are dancing reading.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite novel is lover romance novels stories.


Priyanka Chopra Plastic Surgery

Priyanka Chopra Skin Care Beauty

Priyanka Chopra Like and dislikes

Priyanka Chopra Family Tree

Priyanka Chopra Wedding

Priyanka Chopra Workout

Priyanka Chopra Body Measurements

Priyanka Chopra Favourite song name is I will always lover u.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite colour red.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite shoe is designed shoe.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite holiday place is UK or Miami.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite Food is Indian pure desi food.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite people are her family member.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite perfume is Lauren.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite actress is vary according to her choice.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite actor is salman and Aamir Khan.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite Singer is Pitt.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite Designer is rocky.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite dressing causal.

Priyanka Chopra Favourite hairstyle is half up half down and bangs.

Priyanka Chopra favourit things

With an impressive resume this talented actress is as normal as we all are. She is a desi food lover, and loves makki ki roti and saag with it.

Priyanka chopra is a romance novels lover. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, reading and to pen poems. Infect Priyanka chopra wrote the lyrics of her songs by herself. Her favorite song is I will always love you.

PC or piggy chops (name given by Abhishik bachan) Likes red color. With abhishik bachan she shares the honor of casting her foot impression in the italy’s celebrated Salvatore Ferragamo museum. She received a custom made pair of shoes designed only for her and according to her wish. They must be her favorite shoes.

Priyanka Chopra favourite things and hd wedding pictures

Priyanka chopra has two sisters in Bollywood as well; parineeti chopra the more recognized one often shares her love for pc and expresses how she is loved by family. The actress outside, she is an adventurer at heart and is often heard enjoying holidays at exotic locations with her family. She loves dune and Ralph lauren romance fragrances. And treat to the fans her upcoming projects include Quantico an American series about an FBI agent and Bajirao mastani where she will be seen romancing ranveer singh. Infect she has another film coming up with ranvir singh , zoya akhtar’s Dil Dharakney Do where she plays his sister. Joining the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Marliyn Monroe and Drew Barrymore, Priyanka is the first Indian actress to cast her foot impression in Italy’s celebrated Salvatore Ferragamo museum.  As part of the Shoes for Stars project, the actress was honoured with a pair of exclusive, custom-made heels designed to her liking.  Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor are the succeeding Bollywood celebrities to receive this distinction.

Like and Dislike

Vijay Likes And Dislikes

We are here for Vijay Likes And Dislikes complete details. Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar were born on 22 June 1974 is an Indian actor. He was a playback singer and producer. He works in the Tamil film industry. He was the Son of film director Chandrasekhar. From the movie Vetri he started his career as a child actor and later made his debut as a lead actor in the 1992 film Naalaya Theerpu, both films were directed by his Father. In 2009 he sprung a public welfare organization. He had roles in films like Rasigan, Deva, and Rajavin Parvaiyile. He also acted in the romantic comedy Vishnu and romantic tragedy Chandrasekhar. I like all of Murugadoss’s films and have seen them all. And I like his Dheena the best the directors that I have worked with have been giving me good breaks periodically in my career. . My expectation levels when I entered cinema were very low.  I am very happy when I realize that I have been liked by all kind of audience. Tricky situations come in all projects. I think of every film as my project and try to help people out. One of the agency asked if my mom would work in the add as it is about mom-son concept. My mom firstly hesitated but later agreed. I also liked it and it touched my heart. I take things very cool.

Vijay Likes And Dislikes

Vijay Likes And Dislikes

Vijay Likes and Dislikes:

Vijay Likes Tamil Film Industry.

Vijay Likes Payback singing and producer.

Vijay likes his father as a role model.

Vijay Likes romantic comedy.

Vijay Likes Director Dheena.

Vijay Likes pure love heart people.

Vijay dislike over work routine.

Vijay dislikes Hippocrates people.

Vijay dislikes long drive.

Vijay Likes rain weather.

Vijay dislike Coca Cola drink.

Vijay Likes Indian food.

Vijay Likes box office break record.

Vijay Likes spend time with family.

Firstly, I was thinking for direction but now I have changed my idea. Direction is a job full of tension. It will not work for me. I have faced so many ups and downs in my life but they would not reach me. I mostly don’t like when people hate a Tamil Actor in industry. I also dislike golfers who do not repair their ball mark on the green.

Vijay married to Sangeetha Sornalingam on 25 August 1999. They have two children’s, son Sanjay and a daughter Divya.

Vijay Likes And Dislikes favorite things

In 2002, Vijay was also a Brand Ambassador of Coca-Cola. He works or acted in so many Coca-Cola Activities and ads.

Vijay mostly like to work in Romantic comedy movies. He mostly try to spend his free time with his family, friends. And he also tries to see movies with them or handout with them.

Vijay said that, when any of my movie face some failure he really feel bad for that and try to do his best for the next time.