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Yuvraj Singh Likes And Dislikes

You can read Yuvraj Singh Likes And Dislikes details. Yuvraj Singh born on 12 Dec 1981 in Chandigarh a well-known Indian cricketer, left handed batsman and all-rounder. Son of yograj Singh and shabnam Singh was not much interested in cricket and in his childhood and likes tennis and roller skating. He won the national u-14 roller skating championship but forced by his father to focus on cricket because his father was a Punjabi movie star and a former Indian cricketer who could not get success in his times and wants from his son to fulfill that wish. He has an extended list of girlfriends including his likes of Anusha Dandekar, Minisha Lamba, Karihma Kotak , Kim Sharma and Deepika Padukone

Yuvraj is the man who hit six sixes in an over. Who suffered from the disease seminoma which is a tumor found on the male reproductive organ but in his case it was located on the upper area between his lungs, above the heart.

Yuvraj Singh Likes And Dislikes

Yuvraj Singh likes and dislikes

He always likes that people must have awareness about cancer especially females. They should talk with others consult doctors without any hesitation. He doesn’t believe to be killed by the disease but in its place of it fights with the disease and get success. He likes to spent time with children go to their schools talk to him and likes to share his experience of fighting against cancer. He is not in favor of losing heart. He dislikes the people who loose heart and try to avoid the problems instead of facing them boldly.

He doesn’t want to talk on others personal life. He likes to ride on bike as he feels freedom in this way but according to him it is the difficult task as compare to play cricket. Yuvraj Singh likes to eat continental dishes but also don’t like to eat Chinese food. He dislikes wearing traditional dress.


Yuvraj Singh Boyfriend

Yuvraj Singh Like and Dislike

Yuvraj Singh Height in Feet

He wrote a book (test of my life): in which he shows two parts of his life. One is as a cricketer who fought in the playground and other as an individual who fought to his own sufferings. He dislikes wasting every single movement of life, so he always busies himself in different chores.

Yuvraj Singh measurements pictures

Yuvraj Likes:

Yuvraj Singh Likes Pennies, roller skating in childhood.

Yuvraj Singh Likes Anusha Dandekar, Minisha Lamba, Karihma Kotak, Kim Sharma and Deppika and these all celebrities is her ex girlfriends.

Yuvraj Singh Likes six sibes in one over during cricket game.

Yuvraj Singh Likes likes share his experience against fighting with cancer.

Yuvraj Singh Likes children with fun who are suffering in cancer.

Yuvraj Singh Likes bikes rid.

Yuvraj Singh likes freedom.

Yuvraj Singh likes chiness food.

Yuvraj Singh likes book writing.

Yuvraj Singh likes his different achievements.

Yuvraj Dislikes:

Yuvraj Singh dislikes extra emotional people.

Yuvraj Singh dislikes lot of dram in his life.

Yuvraj Singh dislikes extra funky dressing.

Yuvraj Singh dislikes express personal like in front of media or other people.
Yuvraj Singh dislikes traditional dress.

He likes his achievements he likes to be known by others as he had been a member of Indian cricket team in ODIs 2000 and was vice captain of the same team in 2007-2008. He has been the top performer at ICC world twenty20. Whether he plays for India or for Punjab he just focused on the enjoyment on his game. He really likes to enjoy while playing. And now he starts supporting young entrepreneurs with funds by investing them for their start in various fields. He likes to help others as much as he can do.

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Vidya Balan Like And Dislike

A well reputed and talented name of Bollywood Vidya Balan. She has recognized a career in Bollywood and is the receiver of more than a few awards, comprising a National Film Award, Film fare Awards, and  Screen Awards, and in 2014 she was awarded by the Government of India the great Padma Shri award. She is very well known for representing hardy female leading role and in short we can say she has change the perception and image of Hindi film heroine and no doubt, media has accepted it. She got a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Mumbai. She started to a career in film from an early age, and had her initial appearance started in the 1995 sitcom Hum Paanch. Then her major success in 2005 in her first art movie Parineeta, and received a warm welcome in industry .After that Vidya played a prominent character in the extremely popular 2006 comedy film Lage Raho Munna Bhai. This proved great successful movie of Bolly Wood. Vidya is skilled in carnatic music and temporarily deliberate the well reputed dancing style of Bharatnatyam and Kathak.

Vidya Balan Like And Dislike

Vidya Balan big bra size

Above and beyond acting in film, Vidya likes and upholds charitable sources and funds charitable organizations; she recommended World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour promotion in India. She also support children’s education and the authorization of women so in that reference she take a part in campaigned and moreover stayed a village in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh and for her great struggle the talented actress was awarded The Prabha Khaitan Puraskar 2012 through the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce. One more thing goes positive effect on her popularity graph that she has also been selected as a brand ambassador by the Government of India as her get-up-and-go to recover the hygienic condition of India.


Vidya Balan Haircut

Vidya Balan Wedding

Vidya Balan Favorite

Vidya Balan Like:

  • Vidya Balan Likes Charitable work because she is active social work after acting career.
  • Vidya Balan Likes to promote children education.
  • Vidya Balan Likes to promote women empowerment.
  • Vidya Balan Likes Vegetables food because she is vegetarian.
  • Vidya Balan Likes white egg in breakfast.
  • Vidya Balan Likes Apple juice and other fruit fresh juice.
  • Vidya Balan Likes Roti dall.
  • Vidya Balan Likes 2 hours workout.
  • Vidya Balan Likes Twisting, jumping and bending workout.
  • Vidya Balan Likes romantic role just like dirty pictures movies.
  • Vidya Balan Likes winter weather.
  • Vidya Balan dislikes mix food.
  • Vidya Balan dislikes Orange fruit.

Vidya Balan Dislikes:

  • Vidya Balan dislikes eat chocolates.
  • Vidya Balan dislikes selfless.
  • Vidya Balan dislikes extra serious movies role.
  • Vidya Balan dislikes living relationship before wedding.
  • Vidya Balan dislikes summer weather.

Vidya Balan Like And Dislike

Vidya was fully vegetarian. But she takes a turn in her routine diet and at the present, she likes to eats egg whites. She also does not like to mix food items. She also like some specific fruits just apple however, Vidya would not like to take an orange and wants to eat chocolates frequently. Similarly, she consumes Roti-Daal-Sabzi, in her daily routine on the other hand do not want to mix Roti with Rice. Vidya’s water consumption is very well, which help her to keep maintain her figure as well as skin.

Vidya did an exceptional type of workout calisthenics. It has easy and harmonious actions such as twisting, reflexing, jumping, bending and so on. Her goal is to keep up her shapely body although dropping additional fat. As she says the accurate mishmash of cosmetics, hair, outfits and body language is extremely significant for an actor. Vidya don’t feel comfortable to take selfies with her admirers as she considers that persons come also close to take a selfie.

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Tamanna Bhatia Likes And Dislikes

We are here for Tamanna Bhatia Likes And Dislikes details. Tamanna Bhatia a well-known name, she is a daughters of Santosh and Rajani Bhatia. Sister of Anand Bhatia born on 21 Dec 1989 in Mumbai knows four different languages like Hindi, English, Telugu and Tamil started her career in 2005 played a leading role in film “Chand SA Roshan Chehra” at the age of 13 years. Her upcoming movies are Vasuvum saravananum odda padichavanga, baahubali and Bengal tiger. Beautiful, attractive and hardworking girl tamanna known as Tamannaah with height 5.6 is a model and an actress as well. She likes to start her day with a glass of fresh vegetables juice. She likes to eat after every 2 hours. Her father is a role model for her as she likes him a lot as her ideal and loving personality. Tamanna Bhatia is a girl with plain and clean heart she doesn’t like dirty and impure nature especially she avoids from the people of wicked personality. Contrary to this she likes others innocence and honesty.

Tamanna Bhatia Likes And Dislikes

Tamanna Bhatia Likes And Dislikes

Smart and gorgeous lady is still single even she didn’t go on date with anyone just because of the reason that she likes to focus on her career rather than focusing on any such type of things. How motivated girl she is? That her goal is to become a big actress in South India. She used to appear in Telugu movies and Tamil cinema.

Tamanna bhatia Likes:

  • tamanna bhatia likes her father as a role model.
  • tamanna bhatia likes vegetable juice in morning
  • tamanna bhatia likes wedding relationship.


Tamanna Bhatia Favorite things

Tamanna Bhatia Diet Plan

Tamanna Bhatia Wedding

Tamanna Bhatia Height

  • tamanna bhatia likes work hard in for different achievements.
  • tamanna bhatia likes look herself as a top south Indian actress.
  • tamanna bhatia likes listing music.
  • tamanna bhatia likes films with romantic and emotional story.
  • tamanna bhatia likes dancing.

Tamanna Bhatia long hairsyle wih long hair length

Tamanna Bhatia Dislikes:

  • tamanna bhatia dislikes dating relationship.
  • tamanna bhatia dislikes dirty and bad nature in girls and boys.
  • tamanna bhatia dislikes star plus dramas.
  • tamanna bhatia dislike unique color like green and yellow colour.

Her hobby is to watching films, listening music, dancing and especially she likes book reading a lot. She likes classical music and old songs but she dislikes Pop and Rap Music. Opposite to this nature she can or she likes to sit for hours and hours without doing anything even without using mobile or without watching television. She dislikes watching traditional dramas on TV. No doubt every color suits on her but the color which attracts her or her likes these are blue and red but she dislikes yellow and green.

Tamanna Bhatia Likes and dislike actor, color. hairsyle , dress

Secret of her smartness is the yoga and aerobics which she did on daily basis and also takes healthy food. Tamanna Bhatia inspired by the Pretty Zinta and Madhuri Dixit and love Mahesh Babu, Hrithik Roshan as a good actors. She dislikes playing comedy role as she likes to play serious role.

She doesn’t like to makes plans of her life for her career as she believes that whatever she plans didn’t work out. She really likes variety in her role in her characters at this stage of her life when she is totally focusing on her career. Tamanna Bhatia likes to do work as a team. In the films she used to go for the quality of her character instead of anything. Tamanna offered for sale to the public jewellery with different designs on 31st march 2015 as a business named wite-n-gold.

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Sania Mirza Likes And Dislikes

Here Sania Mirza Likes And Dislikes details is available so read further details. Sania Mirza 29 is a qualified Indian tennis player moreover she was leading female from India to gain an ATP title and recently she got the award world of No. 1 in women’s doubles. As of 2003 up to her retirement from singles in 2013, as we know Sania was graded through the Women’s Tennis Association as India’s No. 1 player, mutually in singles and doubles. No doubt, Sania Mirza is the greatest popular female Indian tennis player as well as most prevalent female athletes in Asia. One more thing goes to her success; from a decade next her entrance on the tennis-court, Sania still moves the torch for women’s tennis in the nation state.

Sania Mirza Likes And Dislikes

Sania Mirza intresting facts and ex boyfriends

During Sania’s singles career, her performance was outstanding and she wins over Svetlana Kuznetsova, Vera Zvonareva and Marion Bartoli, beside this previous world No. 1sMartina Hingis, Dinara Safina, and Victoria Azarenka. In short Sania Mirza is the premier classified female player eternally from India, in the mid of 2007 she hit the highest the music point next to world No. 27 in singles. Sania Mirza has been selected as the UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia all through the happening held to spot the International Day to End Forcefulness in contradiction of Women on 25th November 2014.


Sania Mirza Workout

Sania Mirza Favorite things

Sania Mirza Sister Wedding

Sania Mirza Height Weight

Sania Mirza Boyfriend

Sania’s favorite tennis player is Steffi Graf, she loves to eat Biryani, her favorite actor and actresses are Raveena Tandon and Akshay Kumar. Sania likes to enjoy Hindi and Rap but she also likes to listen old Hindi songs generally sung by Md. Rafi and Lata Mangashker.  Mostly she selected her outfits in her favorite color black, red and blue. Sania Mirza wants to recover her fitness.  Sania Mirza preferred to attires Salwars, Jeans as she feels comfortable in it. She also likes to watching a movie and surfing the Net. Sania dislikes apples and bananas.

Sania Mirza Likes:

  • Sania Mirza Likes Tennis player Steffi Graf.
  • Sania Mirza Likes Biryani.
  • Sania Mirza Likes actress Raveena Tandon.
  • Sania Mirza Likes Akshay Kumar
  • Sania Mirza Likes Rap music or hindi music.
  • Sania Mirza Likes Rafi and Lata as a palyback singer.
  • Sania Mirza Likes Jeans and salwars.
  • Sania Mirza Likes net surfing.

Sania Mirza Likes And Dislikes

Sania Mirza Dislikes:

  • Sania Mirza Dislikes few numbers of fruit like banana and apple.
  • Sania Mirza Dislikes house without interior designing.
  • Sania Mirza Dislikes express her personal life in front of media.
  • Sania Mirza Dislikes religion war in India.
  • Sania Mirza Dislikes people who are creating trouble in her life through media.

Sania Mirza hairstyle with long short medium

She has some after retirement plan just like she think that she   will start Interior Decoration or may be a tennis academy for forthcoming talents.  She dislikes such people who make rumors about her and those who are double personality minded persons, such person who shows her well-wisher but in fact create trouble for her.

 Sania married Shoaib Malik in a customary Muslim Islamic Wedding ceremonial at the Taj Krishna Hotel in Hyderabad on 12 April 2010. In Lahore, Pakistan they held their Walima ceremony. With rendering to Google Trends that online consideration the wedding expected made Sania Mirza the most popular searched female tennis player and Indian player in 2010.

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Shilpa Shetty Likes And Dislikes

Here we are sharing Shilpa Shetty Likes And Dislikes. Shilpa Shetty a Bollywood hottest actor and passionate model and get her passion through parents because they both were good models in their time. She born on 8th June 1975 and she is a master or we can say that she knows six different languages HINDI, ENGLISH, MARATHI, GUJRATI, TELUQU and TAMIL. She likes to do cooking and dancing as well. In fact she is a trained BHARATNATYAM dancer. She is also interested in sports and during her school days she was a captain of volleyball team. She is also a black belt in karate. If we look at her nature so she is a lady with polite nature and soft heart like the flowers which she like most and from all flowers she likes especially orchids. She has been working as a model, actress, and producer. She has been judging and hosting different shows too. She started her career at the age of 16 when she was too young by modeling for LIMCA in 1991. A girl with height 5ft 10inch weight 62kg finds many difficulties in the field of modeling but she never even think to give up passion.

Shilpa Shetty Likes And Dislikes

Shilpa Shetty interesting facts

On Sunday morning, in case she has free then she would like to sleep the complete day away.  She also likes. Shopping is such one of favorite thing of her something I love doing.  She likes especially such boutiques that sell unique and classy outfits that aren’t grasped all over else. She loves gardening if she has sufficient time. On the other hand I am definite about flowers.

She has relaxing her diet at weekends. She loves to take the molten chocolate at Zuma. Shilpa love Asian cooking. Sometimes I think that Indian food in London is better than in India.

Yoga has her favorite activity, yoga help out me an abundant deal with her sicknesses. Through yoga her knees are getting improved, neck is tougher and it gives her a cool effect.

Shilpa has a great dress sense and she loves J Brand and Elliott and having four pairs of Elliott boyfriend jeans.  She loves buying clothes.


Shilpa Shetty Height

Shilpa Shetty Husband Name

Shilpa Shetty SON

Shilpa Shetty Favorite things

Shilpa Shetty Wedding

  • Shilpa Shetty Likes cooking becuase cokking is her favourite hobby
  • Shilpa Shetty Likes different type of dancing.
  • Shilpa Shetty Likes Bharatnatyam dance.
  • Shilpa Shetty Likes like sports.
  • Shilpa Shetty Likes Voleyball sport.
  • Shilpa Shetty Likes Karate game.
  • Shilpa Shetty Likes flower specially Orchids.
  • Shilpa Shetty Likes hosting profession after former actress status.
  • Shilpa Shetty Likes tall women and men becuase she is 5 feet 10 inches.
  • Shilpa Shetty Likes yoga exercie.

Shilpa Shetty Dislikes:

  • Shilpa Shetty Dislikes overweight,
  • Shilpa Shetty Dislikes sweets.
  • Shilpa Shetty Dislikes lazy life.
  • Shilpa Shetty Dislikes look old.
  • Shilpa Shetty Dislikes Hippocrates people.
  • Shilpa Shetty Dislikes living relation before marriage.
  • Shilpa Shetty Dislikes fast food.
  • Shilpa Shetty Dislikes actress with short dress.
  • Shilpa Shetty Dislikes romantic scene that is consider as a bold scene.

Shilpa Shetty Likes And Dislikes

Shilpa dislike the rumors, She has engaged to Twitter to flash rumors of Rs.9 crores fraud that arisen on Sunday, as she exposed that she is looking for legal advice in contradiction of the scam case filed. She also dislikes such people who always pretend and liar and also gets their benefits on any cost.Now she is working as an investor in the IPL cricket team Rajasthan Royals or an investing in a fast food chain in England.  now if you want to give comment on Shilpa Shetty Likes And Dislikes then below side comment box is ready.

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Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes And Dislikes

You will read Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes And Dislikes interesting details. An Indian music producer, singer and actor Singh was born on 15 March 1984 in a Sikh Family at Hoshiarpur Punjab. He is Hirdesh Singh by birth name but wants to be known as Yo Yo Honey Singh. Basically he belongs to a Sikh family.  From his childhood he has been learning music at the Trinity School in the United Kingdom. He is now a popular singer in Bollywood. He likes to sing in his own language and feels pleasant to sing in Punjabi as he feels proud to be a Punjabi. He started his career as a singer with the album international villager in 2011. He has been highly paid for his songs. He enjoyed to sing and did many concerts in different colleges. He started his career in acting with Mirza film. He married to shalini Singh who didn’t like his songs. She likes romantic songs rather than such type of songs. Except all this he likes and loves his wife from his childhood as they were good friends at that time but later come to realize that they are in love with each other.

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes And Dislikes

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes And Dislikes


Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes singing

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes Punjabi Songs

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes Punjabi People

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes Movies Mirza

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes Shalini Singh his wife.


Yo Yo Honey Singh Height Age

Yo Yo Honey Singh Wife Name

Yo Yo Honey Singh dislikes rumors.

Yo Yo Honey Singh Dislikes People Propaganda.

Yo Yo Honey Singh dislikes Vulgar song that is his black history.

Yo Yo Honey likes popularity.

Yo Yo Honey Singh dislikes business because his life is base on pure artist life.

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes spend time with parents.

Yo Yo Honey Singh likes hard working

Yo Yo Honey Singh likes his focus on youth songs.

Yo Yo Honey Singh dislikes Jealous people

Yo Yo Honey Singh Likes things

He doesn’t like the rumors when people make propaganda about him that he sings vulgar songs. He likes to make himself popular among all the people. He likes to just focus on his career and his work because he is an artist and he doesn’t like when people use their artistic quality as a business. So according to him they should avoid doing this. He is very close to his parents and really likes to have such parents. He is a sharp observer or we can say that he is a keen observer and he likes this quality in him. He likes to do hard working and wants to get his aim. Naughty youth always attracts him in fact he likes them but doesn’t like when the same youth became a type of Devdas and involve their self in love at all. He likes to focus on youth. He doesn’t bother what the others say about him according to him every person jealous by a successful man. He likes to spend his life as a normal person and enjoyed grocery shopping a lot.

Now days, he was suffering from illness. People give best wishes to him to get well soon. He was working on the show as a judge named India’s raw star. Latest he makes two single songs.


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Vijay Likes And Dislikes

We are here for Vijay Likes And Dislikes complete details. Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar were born on 22 June 1974 is an Indian actor. He was a playback singer and producer. He works in the Tamil film industry. He was the Son of film director Chandrasekhar. From the movie Vetri he started his career as a child actor and later made his debut as a lead actor in the 1992 film Naalaya Theerpu, both films were directed by his Father. In 2009 he sprung a public welfare organization. He had roles in films like Rasigan, Deva, and Rajavin Parvaiyile. He also acted in the romantic comedy Vishnu and romantic tragedy Chandrasekhar. I like all of Murugadoss’s films and have seen them all. And I like his Dheena the best the directors that I have worked with have been giving me good breaks periodically in my career. . My expectation levels when I entered cinema were very low.  I am very happy when I realize that I have been liked by all kind of audience. Tricky situations come in all projects. I think of every film as my project and try to help people out. One of the agency asked if my mom would work in the add as it is about mom-son concept. My mom firstly hesitated but later agreed. I also liked it and it touched my heart. I take things very cool.

Vijay Likes And Dislikes

Vijay Likes And Dislikes

Vijay Likes and Dislikes:

Vijay Likes Tamil Film Industry.

Vijay Likes Payback singing and producer.

Vijay likes his father as a role model.

Vijay Likes romantic comedy.

Vijay Likes Director Dheena.

Vijay Likes pure love heart people.

Vijay dislike over work routine.

Vijay dislikes Hippocrates people.

Vijay dislikes long drive.

Vijay Likes rain weather.

Vijay dislike Coca Cola drink.

Vijay Likes Indian food.

Vijay Likes box office break record.

Vijay Likes spend time with family.

Firstly, I was thinking for direction but now I have changed my idea. Direction is a job full of tension. It will not work for me. I have faced so many ups and downs in my life but they would not reach me. I mostly don’t like when people hate a Tamil Actor in industry. I also dislike golfers who do not repair their ball mark on the green.

Vijay married to Sangeetha Sornalingam on 25 August 1999. They have two children’s, son Sanjay and a daughter Divya.

Vijay Likes And Dislikes favorite things

In 2002, Vijay was also a Brand Ambassador of Coca-Cola. He works or acted in so many Coca-Cola Activities and ads.

Vijay mostly like to work in Romantic comedy movies. He mostly try to spend his free time with his family, friends. And he also tries to see movies with them or handout with them.

Vijay said that, when any of my movie face some failure he really feel bad for that and try to do his best for the next time.

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Ekta Kapoor Likes And Dislikes

Here Ekta Kapoor Likes and Dislikes details is available so must read all further details. Are you interested to know about Ekta Kapoor likes and dislikes? Well if yes then you have all reached at the right destination with the help of which you will be learning all about the Ekta Kapoor likes and dislikes. But beginning we will be starting with the little details about Ekta Kapoor professional life.Mentioning the name of Ekta Kapoor she is all famously known as being the best Indian TV and film producer. She started off with her career as being the producer by joining the Managing Director and Creative Director of the company named as Balaji Telefilms. This was her family based production company. It is to be stated that she is the daughter of Jeetender and sister of Tusshar Kapoor who is the Bollywood actor.  In the very starting she made the big name in the TV by producing with the women based TV serials that earned with the maximum fame and attention. She just used to telecast her plays on Star Plus. Then she made her way in the films production. In the starting she gives her attention in producing horror based films such as Krishna Cottage that didn’t make up with the best business. Then she came up with the blockbuster Shootout at Lokhandwala that was the biggest hit. Later she appeared with many hit films that give her production career with the success heights.

Ekta Kapoor likes and dislikes

Ekta Kapoor Likes And Dislikes

Now we will be talking about the Ekta Kapoor likes and dislikes! Below we have the list that is all about Ekta Kapoor likes and dislikes:


Ekta Kapoor Height Weight 

Ekta Kapoor Workout Routine

Ekta Kapoor Wedding 

Ekta Kapoor Brother Wedding 

  1. At the time of childhood she has the passion of becoming a journalist.
  2. She is very much shy and avoids coming in front of the camera.
  3. She was not a good student at the time of academics.
  4. She started with the production journey with the father at the age of 19.
  5. Her favorite color is black.
  6. Her favorite music is soft and romantic.
  7. Her favorite TV serial actress is Sakshi Tanwar.
  8. She loves to eat Indian food items and Biryani.
  9. Her favorite place is Home.
  10. Her biggest inspiration of life is her mother.

Ekta Kapoor Likes And Dislikes songs, food, color, things

So this was the complete list of Ekta Kapoor likes and dislikes! In the end we will be sharing with the fans few beautiful images of Ekta Kapoor along with her family! For catching with some celebrities likes and dislikes plus favorite things just visit this webpage now!

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Shahid Kapoor Likes And Dislikes

Girls and boys we are sharing Shahid Kapoor Likes And Dislikes for you so if you are interesting for shahid interesting facts then yes you are at right place because very interesting things is discuss on this page. 34 years old cute and gorgeous boy Shahid Kapoor is born in 25th of February 1981. Shahid Kapoor  birth place is delhi India. he is popular actor and X boyfriend of Kareena kapoor. if you want to get her dating like details then yes you must have information he is involved with Kareena Kapoor during film Fida but after 2007 both relationship was destroy and now Kareena and Shahid is good friend. In 2015 Shahid Kapoor is announce he is getting marriage with Dehli based students that named Mira Rajput.

Shahid Kapoor Likes And Dislikes

Shahid Kapoor Likes And Dislikes

Shahid Kapoor Likes and Dislikes:

  • Shahid Kapoor Likes boman Irani acting that is the reason he is appeared as a brand ambassador of Dulux Paint commercial with Boman Irani
  • In real like Shahid Kapoor Likes non filmy things and yes this is a reality Shahid Kapoor like simple and true life without any drama
  • Shahid Kapoor Likes girls in traditional dressing because according to Shahid Kapoor interview “ our tradition is our life base so we cannot deny our real like beauty”
  • Shahid Kapoor like two colors for women dressing red and black and he wants to see girl with red and black color during romantic dating

Also See

Shahid Kapoor Height

Shahid Kapoor Brother Height

Shahid Kapoor Sister Height

Shahid Kapoor Movies 

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Shahid Kapoor Measurements 

Shahid Kapoor Dating 

  • Shahid Kapoor Likes men funky dressing trend just on screen and personally he dislike interesting shoes and colorful pent that is the reason he is not appeared with funky dressing in private parties

Shahid Kapoor film and award show list

  • Shahid Kapoor dislikes bright and loud color and any other color that is giving different bright color
  • Shahid Kapoor Likes Mumbai city because he want to live with lot of fun and party that is the reason Mumbai  is one and only place where Shahid Kapoor get lot of fun with parties with friends and family member according to Shahid Kapoor
  • Shahid Kapoor Likes only blue color that is the reason you can see her house interior with blue color
  • Shahid Kapoor Dislikes movement in life is spending Mumbai monsoons in car with Mumbai traffic
  • Shahid Kapoor Likes listening music with rain and dog
  • Shahid Kapoor dislikes those women who are showing lot of drama
  • Shahid Kapoor dislike discuss personal life during interview

Shahid Kapoor Likes And Dislikes actress list

after Shahid Kapoor Likes And Dislikes we are sharing Shahid Kapoor movies name that is Ishq Vishk, Fida, Dil Maange More, Deewane More, Vaah Life Ho Toh Aisi, 36 China Town, Kaminey, Dil Bole Hadippa, Milenge Milenge and Chance Pe Dancel. if you want to get details about Shahid Kapoor body measurements then visit this website main home page.

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Divyanka Tripathi Likes And Dislikes

Today we are sharing Divyanka Tripathi Likes And Dislikes fact that is very interesting information for her all fans so must read it. Beautiful Divyanka Tripathi is well known television actress and her popularity is base on Ekta Kapoor soap “Ye Hain Mohabbatein”, in this opera soap she plays Dr. Ishita role that is still popular in her fans memories. if you want to know about her early life then you must have knowledge she was earned Miss Bhopal contest in 2005 and her name is also popular as Miss Bhopal 2005. she is belong to medial class educated family her father us a pharmacist and she is also very intelligent girls because she was got medal in Rifle shooting through Rifle academy Bhopal as a executive officer. Divyanka Tripathi career was started in 2006 and here we want to mention her date of birth is still secret and you cannot get her correct date of birth date. Well in below side you can read Divyanka Tripathi Likes And Dislikes things.

Divyanka Tripathi Likes And Dislikes

Divyanka Tripathi Likes And Dislikes things

  • Divyanka Tripathi Likes Vegetables?

Yes Divyanka Tripathi Likes all vegetables and mostly she is eating fresh vegetable soup and other disess so you can ask she is pure Indian girls

  • Divyanka Tripathi dislikes non- vegetarian food ?

No she is not dislike non- vegetarian food according to her nutration she also like meat so Divyanka Tripathi food is base on vegetables and meat.


Divyanka Tripathi Dating Relationship

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  • Divyanka Tripathi fact:

Divyanka Tripathi gorgeous actress has completed her mountainerring cource thorugh well reputed Mountaineering institute that named Nehru institute on Mountaineering.

  • Divyanka Tripathi dislike Ice cream:

No Divyanka Tripathi Likes Ice cream and chocolates, Infect her most Favrouite thing is Ice cream.

Divyanka Tripathi Likes And Dislikes

  • Divyanka Tripathi first preferences?

Divyanka Tripathi Likes to spend her time with family and according to her family member her first life preference is her all family.

  • Divyanka Tripathi looks herself?

Divyanka Tripathi Likes to get police offer role and other role that is giving some excitement and tough work because she is believe in learning.

  • Divyanka Tripathi Dislikes color?

Divyanka Tripathi dislike black color and here we want to mention she likes white color.

at the end of brief we want to mention she like to spend time in shopping when she is busy in outdoor shooting.