Vyjayanthimala Wedding Photos Images Pictures Husband Name

Here you can get Vyjayanthimala Wedding Photos Images Pictures Husband Name details. With the help of this post we will be getting in detail with the Vyjayanthimala wedding photos! If you want to catch up with the memorable images of Vyjayanthimala wedding photos then you have all reach up at the actual place to grab the best one. Talking about the name of Vyjayanthimala she is all famously named up to be the well known and talented Indian film actresses. She has earned with great sum of reputable status as being the Bharathanatyam dancer along with Carnatic singer and parliamentarian. She made her first appearance in the Tamil language film named as Vazhkai in the year 1949. She later appeared in theTelugu film known as Jeevitham in the year 1950. She afterward became one of the most well-known actresses of South India and the golden era in Bollywood. She is amongst those Bollywood actresses who have ruled over the Bollywood planet for maximum two decades. She was even honored with the National award as well.  She was all taken to be the best actress of that era!

Vyjayanthimala Wedding Photos Images Pictures Husband Name


Vyjayanthimala Wedding married photos

Moving to the main post of the topic we will be discussing about Vyjayanthimala wedding photos! At the time of the career she was quite a lot in the gossiping news because of her relationships with co-actors. She was link up with Dilip Kumar in early 1960’s. After few years she gets in relation with Raj Kapoor. She even unveiled the statement many times that she was romantically caught up with Kapoor and approximately married him. In the year 1968 she get in marriage relation with Chamanlal Bali. As after marriage, she avoided with the acting career and moved to Chennai. They have a son named as Suchindra Bali. In the year 2007, she published her autobiography as titled Bonding all by means of with Jyoti Sabarwal as co-write.

Here we will be pasting up with few images that is all taken from the Vyjayanthimala wedding photos! On the wedding day Vyjayanthimala was wearing red color sari as the wedding ceremony was complete arranged in the South Indian style of view. It was just added with the close friends and family mates as it seems like the wedding was held in a secret holdings.

Vyjayanthimala Wedding Photos Images Pictures Husband Name

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