Nayanthara Wedding Photos Marriage Pics Husband Name Love Story Age Difference

Nayanthara Wedding Photos Marriage Pics Husband Name Love Story Age Difference Yes, here we have this important news to be told to you that Nayanthara is now married, yes she has commenced a secret wedding of her and here at this post, complete details of her marriage will be given to you! Her date of birth is 18 November 1984 and she is an Indian film actress, she has been seen in the South Indian films and also in the Tamil and too in the Telugu cinema. She has done many of the commercially successful Tamil and also Telugu films, we have seen her in the Sri Rama Rajyam (2011) that makes her to be the winner of the Filmfare Award for Best Telugu Actress and she is too the winner of the Nandi Award for Best Actress. Here let us all check out the details that when Nayanthara got married and with whom she has tied a knot?

Nayanthara secret wedding with a Tamil filmmaker named as Vignesh Shiv

Yes, it has been in the reports these days that she has exchanged wedding vows with a Tamil filmmaker named as Vignesh Shiv. It is also reported that only families of the bride and also family members of the groom were there at the ceremony. They tied a knot at some day in the month of May 2015.

Nayanthara wedding guests and wedding venue

Just family members were there and none of the celebs from industry were there at the wedding. It was seen that the wedding actually took place in a church somewhere in Cochin. There wedding was a low-key event and only the close friends of Nayanthara and Shiv were there. This wedding was just attended by their immediate family member.

Nayanthara and Vignesh love story

Both of them met through her close friend and also by a costar named as Dhanush. It was actually on the sets of that film that made this couple Nayan and Vignesh to get to fond of each other and also to fell in love. In little time, they became very close and we saw that they started spending bunch of time together off the sets. It was Nayan who for the first time introduced Vignesh with her parents and Nayanthara had also even gifted him a car.

Nayanthara Wedding Photos Marriage Pics Husband Name Love Story Age Difference 

Nayanthara Vignesh Shivan 01 Nayanthara Vignesh Shivan 03 Nayanthara Vignesh Shivan

Just get to have more of the updated news about this wedding of Nayanthara and Vignesh by staying tuned with us.

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